Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ted Cruz: Mainstream Media like their Republicans 'Timid and House Trained' (Full interview 07-25-13)

Cruz discusses de-funding Obamacare and the battle on the horizon over the continuing resolution. He also feels this is Make or Break time for the DC GOP Senate and House members:

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Ted Cruz is the REAL DEAL. Finally, a true conservative who has the courage of his convictions, who hasn't sold out to the crony capitalist special interests, including the State Run Media. He would be a PHENOMENAL president. From my lips to God's ears.

Ohio JOE said...

I for one am not ready to support him for President, I have at least a handfull of candidates that I prefers, but he has been one of the best Senators so far.

Joel2013 said...

He has a long way to go before he is presidential material. Even this comment raises eyebrow as to whether he is nothing more than a "shock jock" looking for an audience or a legitimate contender. It's comments like this one that only appeal to a small segment of voters, not the mainstream voters who will ultimately decide his fate. This statement lacks dignity, as have many of his other off the cuff statements, they do not paint him in a positive light. He's simply not ready for prime time.

Joel2013 said...

Having said the above, he has plenty of time to get himself ready for prime time. It's early in the game for him. I have no doubt he'll change to make himself more electable. What you see now will not be the same as what you see down the road.