Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yale University may putting a whole new meaning to the term 'Student Body'

I guess a lot has happened at Yale since John Kerry attended:
Yale is considering joining Brown, Penn, Harvard and Cornell universities by picking up the tab for Ivy League students who want sex changes. 
The New Haven, Conn., school is still reviewing policies regarding the procedure for its 5,322 undergraduate students and its 6,526 graduate and professional students, but has already extended gender reassignment coverage to employees. 
"The benefit is offered to faculty and staff, and is being considered for students," Yale spokeswoman Karen Peart told in an email. "Cost would vary depending on treatment."
Read the whole story HERE.

I know there are a lot of things that contribute to higher tuition costs.....but is this really necessary?

And here I thought most people went to college for an education to help shape their lives. I never realized that, 'Shape your life' should be taken literally.

As a member of Yale's student alumni, I can only imagine what John Kerry would have to say about this.

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Anonymous said...

It agree. Is this really an urgent necessity? When student's premiums go up with Obamacare, I wonder if any of them will start complaining about covering these types of optional procedures.....

Anonymous said...

The above comment was mine, btw. That is a really ugly picture.