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Op-ed: The truth about sequestration that can't be told

The truth about sequestration that can't be told
By: Diane Sori

Let's cut all the bull and tell it like it really is...sequestration is about out of control government spending and Barack HUSSEIN Obama's lie after lie after lie ad nauseum..and most importantly it's about the 'sponges' of our society who are bleeding us dry.

The 'sponges' of society, as in the ILLEGALS and welfare bilking sorts who breed like animals (my apologies to our four-legged friends) because the more children and dependents they have (and most of the time with different daddies) the more of our taxpayer dollars they get.  The 'sponges' who get free medical care via the emergency room while 'We the People'...who have to pay through the roof for our health insurance...foot the bill for these people who think they are entitled to everything we have...things we've gotten through the sweat of our brows and hard work...while they sit in their comfy low cost or NO cost Section 8 housing...watching their large screen TVs getting untold numbers of channels with their satellite dishes hanging out the windows...talking on their free Obama-phones...drinking beer bought with food stamps...while the middle class suffers and has to pay for it all.

The 'sponges' of society are who sequestration is really all about.  The 'sponges'...whose votes were bought and paid for by the man who wants to cut should NOT be cut areas of the budget (like the defense budget that will bear the brunt of half the cuts) in order to...and here's the truth...funnel those monies into even more freebies and handouts to assure future Democratic votes for 2014 and reward them for their votes, some of which were cast over and over again.

This is the truth that Obama does NOT want told for if it became public knowledge that sequestration was about money shifting into his freebie and handout programs for the 'sponges' and NOTHING else, programs he calls entitlements, all hell would be break lose.  And BTW, in case Obama doesn't get it Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements as 'We the People' pay into them throughout our working lifetimes....something the 'sponges' don't do.

Uh oh, was that just a drone flying over my house for speaking the truth about the lies told by a man whose focused goal is to dismantle our beloved country through scare tactics to gain public support for his anti-American agenda, and who uses the msm to spread his lies.  BTW, kidding about the drones...for now anyway but who knows what the future might bring to those of us who speak out against our media anointed 'lord and savior'.

But I digress...back to the truth about sequestration...after a last ditch attempt meeting with Democrats and Republicans ended without any resolution to the supposed dreaded sequester, Obama spoke to reporters to discuss this standoff before yesterday's unscheduled press conference, Obama called the cuts “just dumb” (cuts which BTW he proposed...he owns them), and harshly criticized Republicans for their refusal to negotiate a package that includes 'some new revenue'...meaning 'taxes'.  Thankfully, Republican leaders...who finally grew a set and stood strong...made clear to Obama that they had NO intention of caving to his demands that across-the-board cuts be replaced with what he called a 'balanced package' of spending cuts and additional tax increases' (remember, Obama already got his so-wanted tax hike on January 1st).
The 'sequester blame game' was Obama's driving force once again, and was the focus of his statement and Q&A session regarding the budget cuts.  These cuts he said are "happening because of a choice that Republicans in Congress have made...they’ve allowed these cuts to happen because they refuse to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help reduce the deficit.”

LIAR...these cuts are happening because this miserable excuse of a president just doesn't get it or gets it but doesn't care about the basic principal of Economics CANNOT spend more than you take in...and you especially cannot keep handing out our taxpayer dollars to those who put NOTHING back into the coffers, who pay NO taxes, who bilk the system for everything they can get.  And there are NO ifs, ands, or buts to that.

'Leadership by fear-mongering' as LTC Allen West calls it, and trying to scare the public is exactly what Obama tried to do in his statement, as he spoke about cuts to the Border Patrol, air traffic controllers, teachers, police, firefighters, emergency personnel, etc...but here's the kicker...other than the Border Patrol and air traffic controllers, NONE of these other folks are paid through the federal budget...they are paid by state and local municipalities and such.

The president of the United States...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...(I still gag on that one) doesn't know who gets paid by who and that in and of itself is scary indeed, because this man is steward of our economy and he has NO clue whatsoever about something as simple as who gets paid by the federal government and who doesn't.

Totally inexcusable and the msm didn't say a word about that faux pas or about how paying $5.7 trillion in interest on the national debt over the next 10 years helps the middle class...or about how tripling the amount spent on annual interest payments on the debt of $85 billion a year repairs the bridges he cited in yesterday's statement.  And the msm refused to say a word about money spent on interest payments is money that can't be spent on education, infrastructure, or defense, or that all of this year's sequestration so called 'fixes' only apply to this year's cuts, and NONE of those cuts touch his freebies and handouts.
And that closes the circle bringing it back to the 'sponges' for heaven forbid Obama touches the freebies and handouts (what he calls entitlements) like welfare, free medical care, free cell phones, food stamps, or anything else that might cost Democrats votes in the next election.

And the center point of that circle remains that it's the freebies and handouts that are bleeding us dry... and that until the freebies and handouts are cut...and cut drastically...budget crisis after budget crisis will continue to happen.  And here's a last little bit of happy news...later this month Congress has to vote on a continuing resolution to fund the government for the rest of the year, because 26 days after the sequester takes effect the government runs out of money (oh dear what will the 'sponges' do if they don't get their free stuff), and around May 19th we’ll hit the debt ceiling crisis again, and another battle looms.

And so is life in Obamanation...hope the 51% are happy with what they caused on November 6th...they did this...they own it.

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