Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama uses detained Illegals to say to American Citizens: My Way or The Highway

Our resident faker in the White House has determined that the safety of Americans is not as important as him getting his own way:
Republicans are denouncing the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants from federal detention centers as an attempt to frighten Americans into supporting President Obama's budget spending demands. 
Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Tuesday it was "abhorrent" that Obama would release lawbreakers "to promote his political agenda on sequestration." He suggested that the release was a way to pressure Republicans to vote his way. 
"By releasing criminal immigrants onto the streets, the administration is needlessly endangering American lives," Goodlatte said. "It also undermines our efforts to come together with the administration and reform our nation's immigration laws."
A federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the release but unauthorized to discuss it publicly said more than 300 detainees slated for deportation were freed in Arizona alone. (emphasis mine)

Read the rest of this story HERE.

And just what the hell is meant by, 'slated for deportation' mean? Does this mean Room and Board for an undetermined amount of time at Hotel Taxpayers while deportation dates are being determined?

Are you trying to tell me that these criminals (YES CRIMINALS) are just sitting in our jails waiting for someone to give them a lift to an airport or border?

How the hell can you release these criminals into the public (Then spend additional money to supposedly keep track of them..we know that's BS)? When they could just as easily be released at a border or put on a plane?

What the hell am I missing HERE?

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'Undocumented Democrats' LOL