Thursday, February 28, 2013

2nd Amendment Story: Meet The Gunmakers...$12 Billion in Revenues...100,000 Jobs

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Then there's Mark Malkowski:
The boyish face could easily belong to one in the legion of young accountants or junior insurance executives who toil in the corporate corridors of the nearby state capital. 
There is barely a clue to his actual line of work until Mark Malkowski opens the door to a busy backroom in an unmarked building. There, in a snowbound industrial park on the edge of town, about a dozen people are now clocking 12-hour days to build the product at the heart of the nation's raging gun debate. 
Malkowski, 34, has built a thriving business on AR-15 rifles and only rifles. The 6,000 semiautomatics produced each month in the small assembly room at Stag Arms are double the number from just last year. Back orders for 70,000 more will take two years to fill.
Malkowski recalls being "instantly sickened" after learning of the Sandy Hook shooting, though he said he is not aware of his guns being linked to murder. 
But does he worry that one of his guns may be linked to a future tragedy? 
"I try to put my focus into all of the good," he said, pointing to a letter from a Houston police officer that he keeps taped to his office wall. 
"Three armed suspects exited the house and immediately began shooting at us," the officer wrote, describing his response to a 2010 home invasion. "I was able to deploy my Stag rifle and end the gunfight quickly." 
Said Malkowski: "I'm glad that was one of ours."
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