Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apologies To Sarah Palin

In light of the revelation that Romney-Ryan received fewer votes than McCain-Palin, despite running against an incumbent president with the worst record in our nation's history, I think it's time to lay the theory that Sarah Palin cost McCain the election to rest.

In fact, I would argue that McCain would have lost by a much bigger margin without her on the ticket. He is no more loved by the base than Romney is.

Apologies can be sent here:

The Office of Sarah Palin
P.O. Box 871235
Wasilla, AK 99687

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cimbri said...

RW, for my part, I never blamed SP for McCain losing. I don't know anyone who did, outside of mainstream media types. She probably helped him win votes.

The McCain campaign made a disastrous move putting her in front of Couric for that long interview. She wasn't ready, and the campaign should have known that. But she was still a net gain overall.

Ohio JOE said...

Well for one voted for both Mrs. Palin and Mr. Romney, but it was a lot easier voting for McCain/Palin than Romney/Ryan. Mr. Ryan is a nice man, but he is neither as Right Wing nor as exciting as Mrs. Palin. In short, he ain't no Palin and that made it more difficult to encourage people to vote.

Ohio JOE said...
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Right Wingnut said...

Many people here and on other conservative sites have made the claim that she either hurt the ticket, or cost McCain the election. Even Palin hater Steve Schmidt said they would have lost by a bigger margin without her, but that didn't stop people from saying it.

Ohio JOE said...

The sad part is that some in the Romney camp (not all) spent more time fighting people like Mrs. Palin than Mr. Obama. Where were the negative adds against him? Well, while Palinism and Romneyism will live on per se, we need to move on and ensure that we will have either Right Wing candidates or at least Quasi-Right Wing candidates in the future for the party and the country to survive. At some point, I will have to re-evaluated remaining in this party if we cannot promote freedom, Conservatism and capitalism.

Anonymous said...

RW, Sarah Palin is an asset to the GOP. The fact she was shunted in the 2012 Election was most definitely a mistake by the leadership.

Doesn't anyone think that by having her in the campaign, some of those female voters might have been energized to vote for Romney/Ryan? I do...

The GOP leadership should apologize to her, then immediately resign. They are hopelessly out of touch. They've been in the Beltway Bubble for far to long. For the GOP to be relevant, the "Deadwood, Insider, Management in, Washington, '!,' Team," aka "DIMWIT" should exit.

cimbri said...

Guys, the hostility for SP coming from me and many others started when she kept playing games, pretending to run in IA and NH, but then not really running etc. Let's be honest, she was up to some shenanigans there, teasing about a brokered convention. Her fans on C4P complained as well, spending money on events in IA which never materialized. Then of course the ridiculous book that came out a day after she said she wasn't running.

So, I supported her big time in 2008, but she lost me when she quit her governor job and I disliked everything she did thereafter.

MrX said...

The truth is she helped the ticket and the reason the media went so hard on her is exactly because of that. Even afterwards, they never relented because they knew. They also took Cain out in advance. They didn't wait. They did it in 2011. Republicans need to up their game in that department.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on the Romney, Palin infighting within the party. Many Palin supporters claimed that Romney people, through his order, smeared Palin in the press. This caused a big rift between supporters of both candidates, and there wasn't ever much proof, except it's probably Romney.

All having witnessed the emergence of Romney's true character throughout the campaign, it is highly doubtful Romney had anything to do with smearing Palin. Romney's just not that type of guy to smear a woman for political gain. He's a gentlemen if nothing else.

The voters who sat out the election may have been a combination of Palin, Santorum, and Gingrich supporters in a tiff with Romney for no really good reasons at all.

Right Wingnut said...

Anon at xx:55,

No sale. Some of the most ardent Palin supporters frequent C4P. Almost all of them voted for Romney. I can only think of a couple who did not, and they justified it due to living in very blue states.

Anonymous said...

Palin was the first example of the Age of Obama Media. Thereafter, it made it harder for politicians to be bold in fear of getting the Palin treatment, or getting Palinized, if you will. And the Palinization is to mock, ridicule, belittle, and discredit anyone who is bold and opinionated in speaking on about what's really going on in the country.

With Romney's loss, it becomes apparent we need a politician to be brave enough to speak up and call a spade a spade and call Obama out for the Communist he is, even with the probable Palinization following from the media. Or maybe even a group of politicians to do so at the same time.

I say this because regular people don't have the platform for this, like politicians do, so we just get ignored.

We just need one or two brave and prominent politcians, which will start a tidal wave of aware American to openly start calling Obama a communist.

Also, I'm not blaming Romney for losing the election. It's just that with his loss it's apparent now there is no way for a Republican to win a presidential election anymore, stacked against the state controlled media and fraud elections.

Time is running out.

newark hawk said...

I remember the 2008 GOP primaries quite well, since I was an avid Romney supporter back then as well.

And let me tell you in no uncertain terms, John McCain did not receive ONE-TENTH of the hatred, ridicule, and derision from FOX & Talk Radio pundits that Romney received during the 2012 primaries.

That negativity about Romney - virtually all of it undeserved - was the number one reason that upwards of 3 million Republicans did not vote last Tuesday.

cimbri said...

Newark, that's exactly my theory as well. I always knew they were depressing Romney's eventual turnout.

Right Wingnut said...


All of talk radio hated McCain, and were not shy about letting people know it.

And, I don't have to remind you of the brutal media treatment of Palin during the GE campaign.

newark hawk said...

Sarah Palin cut her own throat when she quit the Alaska governorship.

Saying "NO MAS" to the good people of Alaska - for whom Palin took an oath to serve to the best of her ability - is not exactly a badge of honor.

If you don't believe me, just ask former presidential candidate Ross Perot or former boxing champion Roberto Duran, both of whom were endlessly ridiculed by the media for quitting in the middle of battle.

If Palin ever decides to run for President, she'll receive the exact same treatment from the media that Perot & Duran received - but only AFTER she wins the GOP primaries(were she lucky enough to do so), because the libs would absolutely love to run against her in the general election.

Right Wingnut said...


You're entitled to your opinion on her resignation, but that's not exactly relevant to the post. Thanks anyway.

newark hawk said...

@ Right Wingnut

Your post was about Sarah Palin.

So was my comment.

Nonetheless, I'm sorry if I didn't obey your strict rules & regulations.

Next time, I'll try harder.

Right Wingnut said...

No rules, but you went out of your way to bash her about something completely unrelated to the topic. That tells me you don't have an credible argument on the topic at hand. Rehashing those recycled attacks makes you look small. I'm sure you're well aware that I've been a harsh critic of Romney, but in the interest of unity, I'm trying as hard as can to blunt my criticism of his campaign!

Right Wingnut said...

To add....I wanted Romney to win as much as you did. Now we're screwed!

Anonymous said...

So now you rightwingers want to talk up this idiot slut for 2016?? HAHA...get over it GOP, the middle class did not let some rich corporate raider win, they will not let this bimbo from Slutzilla win. What a joke. And unban me from the chatbox, I told all you fuckin retards to see me on Nov 6 when Romney loses so I can laugh at you all, but I was banned, what sore losers!!


Right Wingnut said...


There's a little trash can next to your comment. I could make it disappear, but I think I'll leave it up so folks know you're still around. I was MIA for a while, in the interest of backing off my criticism of Romney, so I'm not familiar with your work. I do believe you are the only individual ever banned from this site. That pretty much tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this post last week, when it was posted but I have also been missing in action during this campaign. Let's face it Romney was a flawed candidate who never had a chance, but he was the best of the lot. His staff ran a horrible campaign but they'll be back again to ruin another campaign that should be a slam dunk.

Palin is owed an apology. I also am owed an apology because i said all along that Romney could not beat Obama. He couldn't run on Obamacare, and he didn't. His business prowess, ended up hurting him. He seemed so out of touch with the problems facing Americans that he lost to the man that is a cause of the problems...shaking my head...

There is a way forward... and I look forward to hearing the ideas in the coming months. But lets be honest it will probably be all wrong. Kristol is already saying we need to raise taxes on the rich. The leaders are already using the word amnesty. It doesn't look good and I am pretty sure that once again the wrong fight will be fought. They thought shunning Palin would help their cause. They thought publicly denouncing the Tea Party would help their cause(except for Akin and Murdoch...they deserve to be shunned for sheer idiocy)

The truth is that the Establishment needs to stop pushing ultra moderate candidates, the Tea Party needs to unify under one coalition... fiscal responsibility(leave abortion, immigration, etc... for the far right)

There needs to be a change... in the current guard and the current strategy.


Right Wingnut said...

Good to see you again, JR.

Hopefully, you'll stop by more often, now that the RS is no longer a Romney for President site. No offense, Bosman, but that's pretty much what it was for the past 8-9 months!

Anonymous said...

Thanks RW, but let's be honest... that was the point of the site since it's inception. At least now, there shouldn't be endless attacks on possib;e candidates that aren't Mitt Romney.

I honestly thought this site would cease to exist once Romney lost... I was wrong, and I applaud Bosman for that. But, I still wonder what happened to Martha and Ellie though... were we right all along?


Right Wingnut said...


I think this site has potential, as long as we present a variety of view points. The problem with a Romney for President site, is that you lose most of that traffic the day after the election. I think Bosman recognizes that, and is open to new ideas.

You should consider Bosman's offer to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has been dismisive of Mrs. Palin over the last four years deserves no pity or understanding and they should apologize to her. And I disagree with those who think her interviews were bad - maybe not ideal but certainly not horrible.
Remember she was carrying McCain platform not her own. Tough work wiggling around something that isn't your core belief.

Dumb Plumber said...

There is no reason for this Dumbplumber to apologize, because he NEVER believed Romney could beat the Community Organizer-in-Chief. Moreover, I continued to support SarahPac long after the RINOs had shown their own ignorance.

Deam jones said...

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