Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America Today: The Fall of the Roman Empire

I don't know where to begin.

Lets start with THE IDIOTS who felt Romney would do a better job with the economy, budget deficit, and felt America was on the wrong track..yet voted for Obama anyway. If there was ever an argument for abortion and euthanasia...There THEY are.

Lets move on to those who call themselves practicing Christians..probably attend religious services each week...KNOW abortion and gay marriage are against the mandates of their faith....yet flipped the lever for Obama anyway. For their sinful hypocrisy, there is Judgment Day awaiting.

Then there is FAUX NEWS. If Faux News had been more like MSNBC, we'd be celebrating President Romney today. People, WAKE UP. They ARE NOT an alternative to the liberal media. MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC, were all good soldiers for President Obama. When Faux had the chance to build Romney up, THEY DID NOT. Contributors there would pick apart everything Romney did or what they felt he didn't do....with friends like these...WHO NEEDS ENEMIES. The liberal media NEVER criticized Obama's actions or inactions and covered for him when needed.....and that was ALL THE TIME.

So my friends, there is not much we conservatives can do when you're dealing with a country where the majority of Americans are either BRAIN DEAD, IMMORAL, or both.....You Reap What You Sow...GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV)

Economic Collapse
Class Warfare
XMAS instead of Christmas
Russia calling the shots for us
A nuclear Iran
............and China, the strongest economic power of your lifetime.

I think I'll go build an ARK.

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Anonymous said...

"Lets start with THE IDIOTS who felt Romney would do a better job with the economy, budget deficit, and felt America was on the wrong track..yet voted for Obama anyway."

Either they are idiots or perhaps they didn't vote for Obama but instead there was election fraud?

BOSMAN said...

Anon :55,

No...There was no fraud. Like I said...BRAIN DEAD or immoral.

They were the kids you all knew...didn't do their homework..copied it from others. Went to church because THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO...not because they wanted to. There are lots...and....lots....and lots..of these folks....THE MAJORITY!

Pam said...

I certainly believe there was voted fraud involved especially here in NC and several other swing states with Romney votes being switched to Obama plus the fact that Florida was able to extend it's early voting by 4 hours prior to yesterday's election and last night in VA till 11pm plus the fact we had the UN monitoring our elections. I was glad to see that Iowa and Texas stood their ground on this issue as said no but yes there are moochers that can't give up their freebies. Don't even get me started on Fox News!

BOSMAN said...

Pam...Do you mean like Faux calling races early...DEPRESSING VOTES IN OTHER STATES. While voting was still going on in those other states? Just to be 1st.

Duh............Do I really want to vote tonight?...Faux says it's over and it's only 8:30 PM EST.

JRTerrier5 said...

Why are you so certain that there was no fraud. Look at what happened in Philadelphia, with Republican poll judges being excluded from polling places until they got a court order. And in WI, people were bused on buses with IL govt license plates. In OH, there were reports that large numbers of Ethiopians were bused in.

What explains that the early votes were lower than in 2008 for Obama & we still lost. Or that Romney was up in the early votes in CO but lost when the election day votes were counted.

Why do you doubt that an administration that lies about Benghazi won't lie & cheat when it comes to the polls.

JRTerrier said...

I agree completely with your comments on FAUX News, except for Hannity. And all the Republican literati in the blogosphere.

BOSMAN said...


The fraud that would have been needed to take place on such a large scale to pull this off, would not have gone unnoticed.

SURE there were pockets of fraud here and there but I don't believe it was coordinated into some national plan to steal the election.

I do believe that a recount should be performed in any state that had Romney/Obama separated by under 1%.

BOSMAN said...


It was simply a case of MORE BRAIN DEAD, IMMORAL, TAKERS voting than givers.

newark hawk said...

The Democrats ALWAYS commit voter fraud, but whether or not fraud was the difference-maker in this election we will never know.

Republican politicians never make a big issue about Democrat voter fraud, even when it causes them to lose presidential elections(see 1960), and the mainstream media certainly isn't going to do it for them.

Quite the opposite, the mainstream media will do everything it can to cover up Democrat voter fraud, just like they cover up all other types of Democrat malfeasance & corruption.

cimbri said...

Agree Bos, we desperately need some rich guys to buy a few networks. People can nitpick about Romney and who he picked etc. It's baloney. The fact is their team is stronger than our team, at least in this narrow situation regarding the presidency. We still have a big majority of governors and a big advantage in the House, and 5 votes on the Sup. Ct.

newark hawk said...

And let me reiterate Bosman's point about FOX - FOX is part & parcel of the mainstream media.

The notion that FOX is part of the alternative media is a total myth.

Yes, Hannity, Guilfoyle and a few guest commentators provide a conservative perspective, but they are FAR OUTNUMBERED by FOX's moderate and liberal commentators & "reporters".

Anonymous said...

Im just gutted right, just gutted. A huge dissapointment from the people of this country.

Anonymous said...

I will say if this was a more conservative than Romney candidate, it would have been a bigger loss

newark hawk said...

@ cimbri

What we need to do is EXPONENTIALLY DIVERSIFY POLITICAL SPEECH on the television and radio airwaves.

That will only occur through major legislative reform of the broadcasting communications industry.

Major communications reform was accomplished - albeit poorly - in 1927, 1934, 1987 and 1996.

It can be done again. Except next time, we need to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you RightSpeak for your tireless posts. I visited you every day, even twice a day for updates. You were great. If only the mainstream media would have been unbiased, then Mitt would have won. No one could win when the other guy's faults are ignored and yours are blasted or even made up. This is a very sad day for America.

deila said...

Love your post, the photos, and share your views and disappointments in America's people. Save me a spot on your ark.

Machtyn said...

BOSMAN: I think the fraud that is being perpetuated on the American People IS that large. And it extends from the lowest ranks of ACORN and the Unions all the way up to Democrat Party leadership. They've had YEARS to perfect it. This year it is in our face.

Sure, it's not the 2.5 million vote spread between Romney and Obama, but it is enough to ensure certain swing states swing one way.

Will I let that get me down? Nope. God will take care of those who abuse and corrupt the power they have been given. It just hurts in the meantime until judgment day. We just need to keep the faith.

Jebediah Gault said...

Seems like a lot of folks want to leave USA and start USA2 somewhere... Well there is such a place where you can Go Galt... for details

The hour has been prepared for.

Anonymous said...

As a practicing Christian I think it is high time we get oout of the politics game, this world belongs to the great deceiver. We live in an immoral world where gay lifestyle is praised, the needy are those who actually work for a living, and the corruption is rampant. Satan is mighty pleased! We need to start living for another life, the life in Gods heaven, this immoral world is done and any attempts of etching out an existance is delaying the inevitable. We need to crash the system, go John Galt on them and get us to where we are even closer to Jesus's glorious reappearance.