Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't blame Gary Johnson

I had fully intended to make this a tirade against Gary Johnson. I had hoped to offer proof that he was a spoiler...HE WASN'T.

I just finished looking at the data in VA, NC, OH, CO, NV, NM. and even with Gary Johnson's votes all going to Romney in those states, it didn't matter. Only in Florida did it come close to making a difference:

It wasn't Gary Johnson. It's THE DECAY of our American society. Too many takers...not enough many NAME ONLY Christians. To many viewers of Dancing With The stars , Jersey Shore, and 'The View'.

Gary Johnson was just small potatoes in all of this.

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Lionhead said...

Bosman, I heard the same result here in FL. I wonder if the Ron Paul folks might have stayed home. They might have tipped the balance especially if they didn't vote for Johnson.

Maybe you'll pick something up on this.

Lionhead said...

Johnson only drew 1,139,562 votes nationwide or 1%. None of the other minor candidates came anywhere close to that:

Anonymous said...

Ron paul supporters stayed home, didnt vote, or wrote his name in...thank you RNC for handing us a wall street con man for a nominee...I sure hope you can do betted next time

Anonymous said...

Who is in large part at fault for Obama's reelection is Hollywood.

They really should pay with a boycott, starting with Eva Longoria and ending musically with Bruce Springsteen. But not only them, the whole bunch. They should pay for this financially! If they end up losing jobs or money, I say so what. That's exactly what they did to a lot of us with supporting Obama.

I'd say cut cable, satellite, movies, television shows DVD's ect. Hollywood is a no good influence over children, anyway. I'm just really tired of them thinking they know what's best in their Hollywood bubble and telling everybody what they should do, while they work at their overpaid jobs.

Right Wingnut said...

Romney got around 2 million fewer votes than McCain - Palin. Considering many former Obama voters switched and voted for Romney, you have to assume millions who voted for McCain - Palin in 2008 stayed home. Were these Ron Paul supporters, or was something else at play?

Presidential elections are usually won by the candidate with the better GOTV campaign. Obama's was clearly better in both 2008 and 2012.

Ohio JOE said...

Despite being a non-Romneyite, I will not blame Mr. Romney personally because he run a good campaign, but many people gave him bad advise and voter turn out sucked!

Many Paulites not only voted for Mr. Romney, they actually help manage the campaign in some localities so they cannot be blamed. In the end, many Republicans (whether they are Conservatives, RINOs or Libertarians) stayed home.

I did not love McCain in 2008, so in 2008, I run my finger across Mrs. Palin's name while I voted. Mr. Ryan was enough for me to vote for Mr. Romney, but Mr. Ryan ain't no Mrs. Palin. Ironically, when I did vote on the screen, I touched the R for Romney, not Ryan on the voter screen. Mr. Ryan was not Right Wing enough for many of us. While many of us voted for the ticket, many still stayed home.