Saturday, July 14, 2012

VP Watch: Is an early Romney VP announcement really a good idea?

The Boston Herald had a piece today that suggested maybe not.

Marco Rubio is in Boston today attending a fundraiser for Romney.
“They’re getting a lot of work out of these potential veep candidates who might not be working as hard for Romney once his candidate is chosen. There could be some hard feelings over that, and there usually are,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

The long list of potential number twos has come in handy for Romney, who out-raised President Obama by $35 million in June thanks in part to a small army of surrogates pitching in across the country to boost Romney’s campaign coffers.


The Rubio trip isn’t the first of these pilgrimages. U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) came to Boston Monday to hold a low-key fundraiser for Romney. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is due to hold a fundraiser for Romney in Illinois today.
Not everyone is like Mitt Romney. Who after John McCain chose Sarah Palin, worked hard for McCain to win him the election. While McCain's other opponents, for the most part, were no where to be found. Hopefully, if Romney announces early, those who were not chosen won't turn into shrinking violets.

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Anonymous said...

It will be either Portman or Pawlenty. Just like Intrade predicts.

Anonymous said...


I do believe the Herald has a point. It may not be wise to announce early.

Machtyn said...

I would agree, except that Mitt is a true leader and he can motivate. And the Republicans are already highly motivated to remove the usurper in chief. Sure, some of them may not travel as much. If Jindal is not chosen, you may not find him traveling to OH or MI. But, truthfully, I haven't seen more than a handful of potentials just staying put in their home areas.

The Pendragon said...

It's not really that early. Bush announced Cheney in late July.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie, wife, kids were spotted in NH this morning at Manchester Airport.

Anon said...


The conventions used to be earlier in the year. Late July was actually not far from the convention in 2000.

newark hawk said...

Pawlenty wouldn't bring Romney any electoral votes, including Minnesota's. Team Obama and the MSM would blame him for the collapse of the Mississippi River Bridge, which killed many and injured many more.

Portman & Rice are out-of-the-question because of the Bush 43 stigma. Romney doesn't want to spend the next several months having to defend Bush 43.

Rubio would bring Florida with him, but he would hurt Romney in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other key swing states because of his obvious youth & inexperience.

Christie is too much of a loose cannon, too unpredicatable, and too un-presidential to be seriously considered as Romney's running mate.

And BTW, looks do matter in a presidential race, which further disqualifies Christie, and brings me to the person whom I believe Romney will select as his running mate ... VA Governor Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell looks the part, just like Romney does, the importance of which cannot be overstated, especially among the disinterested, low information undecided voters who will decide this election.

The fact that Virginia is a critically important swing state, as is Pennsylvania where McDonnell was born, is the clincher for his selection as Romney's VP.

newark hawk said...

If by some chance the VP is not McDonnell, then it will be Bobby Jindal, for the simple & highly compelling reason that he just won re-election as Louisiana Governor with 66% of the vote, one of the highest such tallies in that state's history.

With that kind of popularity, Jindal must be doing something right.

Not to mention the fact that the rest of Jindal's resume` is equally impressive: Congressman, McKinsey business consultant, Rhodes Scholar, among other notable achievements.

Jindal is also an EXCELLENT debater who would destroy Joe Biden in a head-to-head debate.

Graham said...


newark hawk said...

@ Graham

If Jindal had endorsed Romney instead of Rick Perry during the GOP primaries, his chances of being VP would be significantly higher.

Nevertheless, he still has a pretty good shot at getting the gig.

Anonymous said...

No, Jindal won't be the VP nominee. Not a Romney supporter until well after the horses left the barn. Won't retail well nationally--has never been tested or vetted for a NATIONAL position. From a Southern State that Romney will carry, anyway. Brainy, reliably conservative (I love that about him). But we need a plain-spoken attack dog, who makes ROMNEY look good, whose focus is on President ROMNEY, and who can reach working-class voters in Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

No reason to think that Jindal is a Romney loyalist in any sense. OK, fine. But, for that reason alone, Jindal won't be the pick. Besides, he's got George Will's coveted endorsement. That's the kiss of death. Will has been 100% wrong at every turn this presidential election cycle. Anyone remember when he said "Pawlenty is the one to beat?"