Saturday, July 14, 2012

President Obama doesn't want Welfare recipients to work

H/T Johnny T
While the Obama campaign goes all out attacking Mitt Romney’s business history, the Romney campaign is looking carefully at a new Obama administration policy that could become a significant part of Romney’s case against the president. In a quiet move Thursday — barely noted beyond the conservative press — the Obama administration “released an official policy directive rewriting the welfare reform law of 1996,” according to Robert Rector, a welfare policy expert at the Heritage Foundation.
It's day time..why aren't they working...oh wait..
The directive — which some Romney aides found stunning — allows the Department of Health and Human Services to waive the work requirement at the heart of welfare reform. That reform, originally vetoed but later signed into law by President Bill Clinton, is widely viewed as the most successful policy initiative in a generation. Under it, the growth in welfare rolls was reversed and millions of people moved from welfare to work. (emphasis mine)
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So now Obama wants folks on Welfare with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Now that should get him a few more votes from work phobic Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Not all people out of work are spongers. Many- also due to Obama's pathetic economy, have unfortunatley lost their jobs and have families to feed. Many of these genuine cases would love to back on the work line.
HOwever, there are MANY work shy spongers that live off tax payers' $ like parasites. And Obama wants these scum to sit back on their couches with zero accountability? All for a few more votes? Mind you, genuine work shy (not the genuine out-of-work-and-hating it cases)are often thick idiots who are to lazy and uniformed to vote anyway. The GOP can capitalize on this as there are far more angry genuine tax payers that will be p-off that lay abouts can cruise on welfare, than potential voting welfare life-choosing bums. If the GOP pushes this, genuine tax payers who hate unfairness in the system and their hard earned going to bums will certainly be more inclined to rebel against any bum-friendly legislation.

Machtyn said...

The problem with this issue is that it tweaks the unemployment rate. (I'm basing my information from Hugh Hewitt's radio show.)

Essentially, they said, this tweaks the number enough to drop the rate below 8%. Sure, we can sue Obama for having taken this illegal action, but that will take months. In the meantime, the complicit media will report 7%, or even 6%, unemployment rate because of the tweak (when, in reality, it is over 15%).

Anonymous said...

This is also a signal for the out of wedlock baby manufactures not to worry, have a few more to add to the public dole.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie, wife, kids were spotted in NH this morning at Manchester Airport

Phoenix Matthias said...

This is a clarion call to the men and women of the United States of America: make a stand NOW. You must make a peaceful and civil stand now! When you stand you shall stand upon the Constitution. We The People must say enough is enough! We have had enough of the Executive branch going around the Legislative Branch.

President Obama's motivations matter not. The results of his actions matter not. The methods that Obama has used to impose his will are unacceptable. We have a Law and limits on Executive power for a reason. Look at the DOMA Law, the Immigration issue, and not this welfare issue. The more people there are on welfare, the less money there is for everyone on the welfare rolls. By allowing the States to ignore the searching-for-work requirement yes more people will jump on the welfare rolls. This will mean less money available for them and the people already on the welfare rolls.

The Law excluded the Search-for-Work requirement from being waived for a reason. Now, without
Congressional action, President Obama and his administration has rewritten the law. In doing so he and his admin. have violated the checks and balances. They have made law without the consent of the Legislature.

He may have the purest motives. His motives don't change the fact that he is acting more like a Ruler than a Leader. Who do YOU, the People, want running the USA? A ruler or a leader:

Lionhead said...

"While the Obama campaign goes all out attacking Mitt Romney’s business history, the Romney campaign is looking carefully at a new Obama administration policy that could become a significant part of Romney’s case against the president." Yes, it's past time for a response attacking the Marxist/Socialist regime of Obama.

Here's what ya do Mitt:

1) Call a spade, a spade. take off the gloves. Stop the "my goodness" phrases & call him what he is, a socialist verging on the cusp of communism. We're fighting in defense of our country here & you must step up your rhetoric.

2) Time to get rid of the "amateur hour" media staff & replace it with professionals. You have one chance to win; fight for victory, not safety or second place.

3) Get the RINO leadership in Congress to start pointing out the moves of Obama are un-Constitutional. Urge they start up Congressional hearings on Obama's un-Constitutional behaviour. Urge support for Darryl Issa on his investigation of "fast & furious."

4) Make a printout of this essay and tape it up to the bathroom mirror, carry it with you in your suit inner pocket to read, take it to the toilet to read it, and put it by your bedstand & read it before you go to bed at night. You must get your message out in a clear, convincing manner. You must make it resonate wherever it is heard.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, we need victory. "Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival." The time to stamp out socialism has arrived. You are the man of the hour; you've accepted the burden, now you must act to get 'er done!

Lionhead said...

I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Many of you that are not on welfare and never have been don't understand that it isn't the working that is the problem. Most people, on welfare or not, would like to have a real job. Welfare to Work does not do this most of the time. Very few people on welfare get selected to actually train for a real job. And those handful that do are given the graveyard shift with no way of getting home safely at night. Most of the thousands on welfare are thrown to either cleaning parks or the streets. They are treated as less than human, and the only things missing are the whips and chains. The idea of Welfare to Work is to punish people for being poor and in need in the first place. Do you really believe what with all the people who have the education and resumes will be looked over in favor of welfare recipients? Since there are almost no jobs around, people on welfare will be the last to be picked.
For those not on welfare, please stop preaching on something you know nothing about. This country pays a pittance to welfare recipients. And while there are those who cheat off any system anywhere, you better look at the politicians first that steal billions of dollars from the people all the time. Welfare spends next to nothing. So quit being brainwashed by rich "leaders" that hate the poor for being poor.

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure what you're saying is true, why not take advantage of the free grants for further education that only poor people are qualified for? I would love to be able to further my education for free, and would love to have the time to study that my otherwise 60-hr week job consumes.