Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ron Paul not impressed with Condi Rice and feels his supporters aren't either

Paul was on with Neil Cavuto when Cavuto brought up the VP rumors and Condi Rice. Paul feels that she won't win Romney any of his supporters:
“Even though she talked about, along with Bush in the year 2000, about a humble foreign policy and I thought, ‘Wow, we’re finally going to get a humble foreign policy and no nation-building,’ but it didn’t turn out that way and she would fit the bill for [Romney] but it wouldn’t help the Ron Paul supporters because they would like a different foreign policy.”
Here is the video below. His statement is at the 3:30 minute mark:

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Machtyn said...

He's right. The Libertarians and the Republicans don't see foreign policy the same way. They are closer to Democrats in that instance.

Graham said...

I am not a Libertarian by any stretch. However, I do understand where they're coming from on this point of policy, and I do think Romney can do better than Condi.

Anonymous said...

I hope the GOP gives Dr. Paul a chance to speak. If they don't, they'll likely face the wrath of his supporters this Fall. Already underway is the move to the alternative Libertarian Party. This morning brings the news of the "Green Party" movement picking their slate & trying to get on the ballot of all 50 states. The duopoly will now be facing challenges on both sides against them to pull votes away from their candidates.

I was going to write an article about the 2016 election cycle, but that will be held off until the timing is right. Many changes in the political cycle are coming brought by the failure of the duopoly. The years leading up to the next cycle will present the next President with many daunting challenges.

Returning to Dr. Paul, you can view the raw footage of him in his appearance of the new movie coming out, "The Bubble." This will fit into the causation for the political cycle change.

Focusing back on Mitt Romney & the continuing issues of Bain Capital, comes this call.

"WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — [GOP] Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, in an interview with ABC News today, called on presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to release his tax returns in order to show voters that he has “nothing to hide.”

Meanwhile, at Business Week comes this blockbuster about the Mormon Church. This raises the issue of conflict of interest for Mitt Romney as President. Having investments in various firms in or out of the control of Bain Capital Funds and/or the Mormon Church is a disqualification for me to support him. Here's a short snip of it:

""The group also espoused separatist financial goals of "erecting and maintaining an improved economic system for its members," according to historian Leonard J. Arrington, who points out that 88 of Smith's 112 revelations deal directly or indirectly with economic matters.""

Sorry folks, Mitt Romney should recuse himself & let the GOP delegates at Tampa select another less conflicted candidate to represent the GOP. These revelations only diminish Romney's chances & give the Obama campaign endless ammunition from which to attack him. The 'set up' is complete. Await the next stage, 'the hook.'

For those of you that want to review the corporate/partnership hybrid structure of Bain Capital Fund VI, you can review my comments here on a previous comment & see the original documents in support of them.

"[The] truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is."

Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, May 17, 1916

newark hawk said...

@ Lionhead

Governor Bentley, just like you, is a former supporter of Rick Santorum.

And also just like you, he is a sore loser ... a very sore loser.

Get over it, or spend the next 8 years being miserable while President Romney and the rest of us celebrate "morning in America" again.

PS - Romney will release more tax returns when Obama stops hiding behind Executive Privilege in the "Fast & Furious" scandal, and releases his college records, medical records, passport, and REAL birth certificate.


Anonymous said...

newark hawk, I seriously doubt Romney will release any more tax returns. The cost of releasing them outweighs the benefits of holding them back. In any event, obama already knows the information contained in them. He will likely use it thru selective leaks to his MSM at the appropriate time. The advantage of incumbancy.

I admire your positive spirit, but I must tell you if Romney is elected President, and I hope he's successful, it will be a huge challenge to deal with the challenges coming ahead in 2013 & 2014. Reading the comments here today, I can see the Right Speak 'base' is becoming restless for Romney to be more forceful with obama. I second that also, but I see his reticence as weakness for how would he deal with foreign leaders like Putin. They will sense his weaknesses very quickly.

As for Santorum, he has no bearing on my feelings or desires, or for him to come back in any capacity. He had his shot & failed.