Friday, July 13, 2012

Mitt Romney reacts to the Obama camp's Bain attacks on the major networks (videos 07-13-12)

My advice to Mitt Romney...WHO EVER came up with this multi-network HODGEPODGE interview on your team, needs to find a new line of work. This was set-up all wrong.

It should have been done in a video press conference setting with ALL NETWORKS there at the same time. It should have started off with a statement from the candidate followed by each of the networks having one or 2 questions each, rather than each network asking the same questions over and over.

By the time the interview(s) ended, it seemed Romney was tired of the same line from each network. And I don't blame him.

This could have been great...instead of just mediocre.

Also, The ENTIRE interview should have been recorded by the campaign and posted on the candidate's official site. So that if networks choose to selectively edit, there is an original that folks can refer to to get the REAL story.

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Right Wingnut said...


I could be wrong, but wouldn't a press conference elevate the issue higher than it deserves to be? To me, that would send the wrong message.

Right Wingnut said...

I do agree that he did far too many interviews on the subject. That tells me Team Romney is worried about the long term impact of the continued Bain attacks. Each one, on it's own, does minimal damage. Team Obama is trying to inflict death by a thousand cuts.

BOSMAN said...

Maybe the gloves need to come off and the issue elevated.

Now, the content of his interview will be played out in selectively edited snippets.

I could sense he was angry but the way it was set-up, we (the viewers) couldn't SEE IT and FEEL IT.

BOSMAN said...

I would have gone for Obama's jugular!

It's ok to show folks you're capable of getting pissed....THEN EVEN!

Anonymous said...

I think Romney was fine and I truly believe that Romney is about to unleash the mother load on Obama!

I did have to chuckle when the Obama campaign said they weren't satisfied with the answer and that they wanted to see minutes from Bain's meeting........Romney should tweet them back and claim executive privilege. Obama has some nerve! Obama is projecting himself onto Obama!

Right Wingnut said...

Bos, Whether the allegations are true or not, Obama has succeeded in knocking Mitt off message. That is something that didn't happen during the primaries. This time, he has to battle the media along with his opponent. Wait until the Olympics are over, and the kiddies are back in school. Team Mitt better start controlling the narrative soon.

Terrye said...

Obama went too far with this, he really did. It is way beyond the norms.

I saw some silly little reporter on Special Report panel last night. Liz Marlantes from the Christian Science Monitor...and she said that this would work for Obama because the issue was complicated and most people would not understand it.

I never write these people..but I wrote the CSM and said that one of the reasons the media has such a poor standing with the public is the tendency of reporters to treat us like idiots.

Back when Romney was running for Governor of Mass the Democrats in that state argued the opposite of what national Democrats are arguing now..they said that Romney was so gone from Bain that he was no longer even a resident of the state.

Terrye said...

I don't think it really through Romney off message, he can work this into the overall message of the desperation and incompetence of the Obama administration.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say folks, obama has the facts on his side here. Bain Capital, Inc. is a corporation; Mitt Romney was CEO, President, and Managing Director. That is fact. If Romney knew that he was going to run for President or Vice President he could have resigned all titles & become Chairman of the Board or just hold the shares of stock in Bain.

His argument is weak; he should have just admitted the facts, yet state that his position at Bain was titular only. I can envision obama using this all the way to the election. Romney needs more than this response to shift the attention back on the myriad issues of obama including the latest, removing the work provision of the welfare reform act.

As to the 'staging' of this event, another mistake. One press conference in a more formal setting. Reporters can ask questions, but making multiple interviews opens up responses to mistakes. This is 'kid stuff' handling from his media team. He needs to tighten them up or replace them as required. Bring up your game Mitt; I want to see improvement in the future. And for God's sake, get out of New England when you do these. Go to a swing state. Jesus Christ in the Foothills!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone doesn't understand how shareholding works. Do us all a favor lionhead and shut the hell up.

To resign all titles he would have to give up his stock holdings in the company, and why on Gods good earth would he do that? And the argument isn't whether or not Romney owned Bain, the question is if he was running it. All SEC filings indicate he left management on Feb 11 1999.

Anonymous said...

@anon, you haven't a clue about being an officer in a corporation, nor holding shares of stock in same & I guessed you missed the part about Managing Director. He could have resigned & held on to every share just like you can buy stock in any corporation that's publicly traded. You don't have to be an officer.

Moreover, he had a golden opportunity here to present the counter argument about the subsidies the gov't gives to foreign gov'ts vis a vis Brazilian oil & European car companies.

As for the SEC filings, they want to know who the officers are in the corporation; not who's running the company. You're such a socialist, you have no idea how a corporation runs! Have you even seen a SEC filing? Unbelievable is all I can say about the level of knowledge most Americans possess.

PS. I hold stock in various corporations both private & public. I've helped set up corporations & made sure their filings meet regulatory requirements. I suggest you start to read some corporate reports to get your education started. Come back to us in about a year. You might have it down by then.

Anonymous said...

Since the numb-skull MSM & right wing bloggers are presenting a 'dog's breakfast' of the Bain Capital issue, let's go to the actual documents to look at the corporate structure, in this case a hybrid partnership, with General & Limited partners and the corporate entity acting as the General (controlling) partner. This is the first mis-understanding presented by the MSM, the hybrid structure.

So, the voting or controlling end is the Bain Capital Investors VI, Inc. This is where Romney is the CEO, President & Managing Director. He controls the company & profits are passed on to the Limited partners. He could have resigned, taken a leave of absence, come back at any time, all the while retaining the stock in the underlying corporation.

The CNN report is conflating the limited & general partner issue without bringing up the corporate structure of the general partner that gives the officers considerable leeway in ownership, duties, and coming into & out of the structure as required all with the concurrence of the other officers.

Romney needs to set the record straight, explain his decision, counter attack on the foreign subsidies or why capitalism needs private equity companies to come in and pick up the pieces of broken companies. An essential process in capitalism.