Friday, July 13, 2012

John Sununu hints...that Romney is "The Man Of Steel"


And the Obama Camp agrees. They've been doing their best to expose Romney's Secret.

Now if the Democratic Party can only prove (despite the constant interference with facts from, Bain Capital, Boston Globe research, Fortune) that Mitt Romney ran the multi-billion dollor Bain Capital WHILE working 24/7 at the Winter Olymics in Utah...It will all finally make sense.

Look...Up in the sky...It's a bird....It's a plane...It's.....RomneyMAN!

PLEASE HELP Right Speak spread the Word, Mitt Romney is not, "The Man Of Steel". After all, everyone, even Mitt Romney, has a right to keep something hidden in his closet.

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Anonymous said...


Lois L said...

I'll help Mitt keep his secret. I won't tell.

Right Wingnut said...

Unfortunately, Sununu Once thought the same about David Souter.

kelly said...

Bosman, you're fantastic!

Machtyn said...

Revolution 2012 said...

Bos, You nailed this one!

I'm hoping to have more time soon to post every so often.

I've been real busy as a new VP.

Hope things are well with everyone.


Terrye said...

CNN even debunked this nonsense. These people are like Birthers or Truthers. They are Bainers.

Anonymous said...

newark hawk said...

@ Terrye

You compare "Birthers" to "Truthers" and "Bainers"?!?!?

Donald Trump is nobody's fool, and neither is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and neither are the numerous document experts who've examined Obama's so-called "birth certificate" and determined it to be as phony as a 2-dollar bill.

"Denial", as Mark Twain famously said, "ain't just a river in Egypt."

Anonymous said...

@Terrye, birthers don't even have to care about birth certificates or where obama was born. The fact is that obama says Barrack Obama Sr was his father, and that man is not an American citizen. That fact ALONE means obama is not a natural born citizen.

Shame on you. Democrats KNOW what this legal term means, they kept trying to write a bill to remove that Constitutional requirement.

Your scorn is better directed towards those Democrats who think you can vote on a bill in the Senate/Congress to undue the Constitution.

Democrats KNOW that a natural born citizen is a person born in U.S. to citizen parents. People still using the "birther" ridicule are alinsky tools.

People attacking success of 80% at Bain are laughable on the face. Factchecker said their claims have no evidence. These matters are not equivalent in the least.

There is no evidence of Obama Sr marrying Obama's mother. There is FBI evidence that Obama Sr was out partying with many other women during the period just prior to Obama's birth. There is no evidence they even lived together.

No Hawaii hospital has a plague stating "President Obama was born here." Perhaps you're too young to know, but it was common knowledge in the 60's that foreign born could buy birth certificates in Hawaii. I am sure this has poured oil on the fire. But there is much more than smoke with Obama.

His Columbia ID has been found, and he is "foreign." Con man from the start.

newark hawk said...

@ Right Wingnut

"Unfortunately, Sununu once thought the same about David Souter."

And Ronald Reagan once thought the same about Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy.

And Bush 43 once thought the same about John Roberts.

And the list goes on of activist Supreme Court justices nominated by Republican presidents.

Democratic presidents, however, NEVER nominate originalist justices.

If Romney becomes president, IMHO, he is too conservative and too smart to make the same monumental mistakes in his Supreme Court nominations that so many of his Republican predecessors made.

Anonymous said...

There is another group that deserves ridicule: the group who think of the Constitution as a technical difficulty. John Jay approached George Washington to point out the need for the "natural born citizen" requirement for our Commander in Chief. Washington proposed the requirement himself, and it was voted in as part of our Constitution. Then George Washington appointed John Jay to become the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It was considered MAJOR in importance by our first commander in chief.

You'd do better to mock our fake and phony president, than to disparage those who vigilantly become informed about the Constitution, and insist that our officials abide by our Law. I hope we all will. In a Republic we have nothing without the prompt and accurate adherence to our Constitution and Laws. Lincoln said we must raise our children from when they sit on our knees to reverence the Law. It is ESSENTIAL.

Obama is putting free enterprise on trial. He is uncouth and an enemy of this country. Ann Coulter describes Fast and Furious as the worst scandal in U.S. history. The Obama cover up is ghastly. Obama lied that his presidency would be marked by transparency. He lied over and over and over when he campaigned then, just as he lies and lies today.

Obama's going down, and he's been the ludicrous clown doing doggie care ads. Save your mockery for him. The birthers do not deserve it, the willfully ignorant might.

But George Washington is American's greatest champion. He was NOT wrong. And protectors of the Constitution today can't be dismissed.

There is plenty of evidence of Obama fraudulence, if you aren't the type to say: "Oh, the emperor's clothes are so grand." Fishy Social Security numbers, flood of various real estate boondoggles in Obama's path,
attending Indonesia school that required renouncing his U.S. citizenship. Obama bows perfunctorily like a machine, as if from long habit. He doesn't curb Ahmadinejad, but he says things about the man like "blessed be the supreme leader." Where there is smoke, there is fire. Obama is a torch aflame. He openly states that the Muslim prayer call is the sweetest sound in the world to him. Really people? Are you going to buy into Obama's rhetoric about "birthers?" Who are you?

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 7:19 PM

In a voting rights case, Minor vs Happersett(1875), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY that a "natural-born citizen is a person born on soil that is under U.S. jurisdiction to parents who are U.S. citizens."

That ruling was binding precedent which makes Obama CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE TO BE POTUS ON BOTH COUNTS, which is why the mainstream media, including FOX & talk radio, continue to ignore it.

But I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your comment.

Anonymous said...


Awesome expansion on a thought . . . No, you're great. :)

Fellow blogger said...

A technical question:

How do you get music to start unseen on your posts? According to blogger, it's impossible.

BOSMAN said...

fellow blogger,

Like RomneyMAN, everyone is entitled to their little secrets.

BTW...Their right....It's impossible.