Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mitt Romney: Vacation Veepstakes

I have to laugh over the reaction from folks like Laura Ingraham who seemed to begrudge Romney some downtime with his family over the July 4th holidays.

I guess she's not into spitting and chewing gum, all at the same time.

Since his vacation began, he's declared that Obamacare is a tax in a CBS interview and there is buzz that more is going on behind the scenes:

Mitt Romney is playing chief counselor at his own summer camp for veeps, pundits speculated, as the vice-presidential buzz heated up yesterday on news that the GOP hopeful is meeting one prospect in the Lakes Region while another is flying into the Granite State in midsummer — and no one thinks it’s for the jet-skiing.
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) — a Nashua native popular in the key battleground state — will march in Wolfeboro’s Fourth of July parade with Romney, while U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) is expected at a Manchester Republican fundraiser and GOP media roundtable in Concord on Saturday. Romney’s team was mum yesterday on whether Portman would be dropping by the candidate’s sprawling $3.5 million retreat, where he’s been eating ice cream, boating and relaxing with a couple dozen family members.
“We all know that presidential candidates are never really on vacation at a time like this, and why else would Rob Portman come here for the weekend from Ohio on a holiday?” said Andrew Smith, director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. “The Republican Convention is not that far off, and they have to start going on this.”
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Machtyn said...

The talking head conservatives and other loonies who are going after Romney on this tax/not a tax issue are frelling idiots.

They are just looking for something, anything to complain about with Romney.

newark hawk said...

Romney has been consistent all along about the mandate being a penalty, not a tax.

But he also understands that the Supreme Court has the final say, and the Court ruled that Obamacare -not Romneycare - IS A TAX!!!

Massachusetts courts reviewed Romneycare several years ago, and not a single one of them ruled that Romneycare is a tax.


Anonymous said...

Laura Ingraham was back at it again this morning with her rant against Mitt's vacation (jet ski? no, not that!), the optics of his interview (in a boathouse? horrors!), and even Ann's comments about the VP pick (someone Mitt likes to spend time with. what? not an ambitious rival?).

Throughout Mitt's 2012 presidential run, Laura has been a nonstop harpy (is that sexist? no, look it up in a dictionary of classical mythology), picking at every little thing he says or does that's not completely to her taste or liking. I heard her several times--once even when she was interviewing Mitt--spout off her criticisms, ignorant of what Mitt had actually said or written. She's often unprepared; that's been increasingly obvious. She says she's criticizing Mitt for his own good and doesn't care if he won't come on her show. Believe the opposite. If that were the case, she'd send her messages of "concern" to him privately.

No, Laura's an inside-the-beltway media creature who's looking to prop up her ratings, get quoted in Mediaite, appear influential, get on Bill O'Reilly's show, etc. She loves George Will, has Bill Kristol on her show frequently, and fawned all over Santorum and Gingrich during the primaries. All of these people hated Romney, vehemently opposed his candidacy, and probably still do.

The idea that Mitt doesn't need to seize the moment and grab a week off with his large family in the lakeside home he and Ann own (quite short by the month-long presidential vacation standards) is ludicrous. I'd be worried if he did NOT recharge himself for the brutal nonstop battle to come.

Laura, your material is getting tiresome, shopworn, and clichéd. Maybe you need a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I never liked Ingraham.

Levin in a skirt.

newark hawk said...

The liberal media is really pushing Pawlenty, Portman and Ayotte as Romney's "best VP choices."

Which really means that those 3 are Romney's WORST VP CHOICES!!!

Pawlenty has the Mississippi River Bridge baggage, Portman has the Bush 43 baggage, and Ayotte has the "is she really qualified & ready to be VP/POTUS?!?" baggage.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: VA Governor Bob "FOR JOBS" McDonnell is Romney's best choice for VP, and I have a very strong suspicion that Romney thinks the same.

Anonymous said...

Newark hawk at 11:33am: What are your thoughts on Christie? I'd genuinely like to know.

I've been hot and cold (mostly cold) on Christie as VP for all the obvious reasons. Nevertheless, he packs a punch and, after the ObamaTAX debacle at the Supreme Court last week, I wondered if the Romney campaign might benefit from having an attack dog on the team.

I used to think Bob McDonnell was the best choice for VP, particularly because of his military background (which neither Mitt nor any other VP possibility has). I'm certainly not opposed to McDonnell. Aside from sonogram legislation in VA this year (which he vetoed, I believe, but which the MSM will hash over relentlessly), McDonnell just doesn't seem to have the heft or killer instincts that are often needed in a Presidential campaign in the VP slot.

I really like Pawlenty, but he suffers from being just too nice a guy. If not VP, he really has earned a cabinet position. I'd be thrilled if I thought TPaw could win blue-collar workers in Ohio and Penna. I just don't know. He hasn't proven he can fire anybody up about anything.

Ditto on Portman, re the boring category. If he could carry Ohio for Mitt, that would be fantastic. I don't think so. And the Bush-43 baggage is a big, big drawback.

Your thoughts?

newark hawk said...

Laura Ingraham should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most abrasive & annoying voice of all time.

Earplug sales have skyrocketed since she began appearing regularly on radio & TV.

Can't say that I really enjoy looking at her sourpuss face all that much either.

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 11:48 AM

Christie is doing a good job as governor, but I don't think he's the right choice for VP because he's too liberal on social & cultural issues, and also because he's too much of a loose cannon and would distract from Romney's message of "IT'S STILL THE ECONOMY, AND WE'RE NOT STUPID."

Anonymous said...

Ayotte has been in politics for a long time. She served as NH's Attorney General and is well liked by the Tea Party.

So she is not new nationally but has been around awhile.

newark hawk said...

Ayotte is a career lawyer & legislator who has no executive leadership experience - just like Obama in 2008.

Romney's stump speech mantra that Obama was unprepared to be POTUS would sound extremely disingenuous & hypocritical if he chooses a VP who is as equally unprepared for the job as Obama was.

Anonymous said...

Ayotte has proven herself a real Romney trooper. Just love her. She's got a fantastic future.

But we can't afford to risk even one existing GOP U.S. Senate seat in 2012. As President, Mitt will need every single GOP Senator. That's one reason why I don't think he's going to pick a sitting U.S. Senator unless it's guaranteed that a GOP governor has the right to name a replacement to fill the remainder of that individual's term. Ayotte, Portman, and Rubio are all sitting U.S. Senators in their first term. For this strategic reason, not smart to pick any one of them, in my opinion.

Picking Paul Ryan would have a somewhat different but also potentially damaging result. Ryan is too valuable on the House budget committee for Mitt to take a chance on someone else taking over the reins.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Romney is going to pick Palin... he'd be stupid not to. If Romney wins this thing... he must realize that Palin will probably run against him in 2016... since that will be her only chance of winning the Presidency for another decade or two. By picking her as VP will keep her from running against him in 2016 and also keep her presidential prospects alive for another 8 years.

They both win.

Anonymous said...

Palin will never be president anon. Never. zero. zilch chance. sorry.