Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mitt Romney: Obamacare IS A TAX..because the SCOTUS ruled it as such (VIDEO 07-04-12)

In an exclusive interview, Mitt Romney on Wednesday told CBS News chief political correspondent Jan Crawford that the individual mandate in President Obama's signature health care law, which was upheld last week by the Supreme Court, is "a tax".

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Anonymous said...

Thank God.

Now it's time to ditch Ferhstrom.

Graham said...

I don't see him ditching Fehrnstrom, which unfortunately just throws fuel on the fire for the flip-flop accusers.


Machtyn said...

But if Romney now says it is a tax, even before Fehrnstrom's statement, he would be accused of flipping flopping AND raising taxes in MA, which he did not do.

Lionhead said...

This is "beautiful," "thank God," really? Call this a tax, a penalty or a cucumber as Mark Levin says, it's the LAW OF THE LAND. And some are rejoicing on the 4th of July! What non-sense.

It's a penalty, that in fact is coercion to change the behaviours of millions of Americans to purchase an insurance plan they do not support. What part of that don't you understand?

Politically for the Red Team, it's a disaster. Don't believe me, consult 'Uncle Al' Sharpton's "Nice try, but we got ya:"

So now we're celebrating the largest "tax increase" in US history that is a shake down coercion to empty the pockets of millions of people & some are rejoicing it as a great thing. Well for you that can still understand what this is about, don't forget the opposite side of the coin that is the unlimited taxing authority of the Federal Gov't. Someday, you may not be so happy with this law when that "tax" befalls you.

In the mean time, Justice Roberts is in Malta going to conferences on the island.

"During the next two weeks he will be taking part in a summer programme offered by Boston’s New England Law. He will also serve as a faculty member at the University of Malta’s Foundation for International Studies.

Together with Harvard Professor Richard Lazarus, Dr Roberts will be teaching a credit called the US Supreme Court in Historical Perspective."

He may have bigger fish to fry in the future as you can see he's solidily in the Progresssive camp with these connections. Come to think of it, the same old Ivy League crowd that Romney & the Bushes hang out in.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
~ John Quincy Adams

BOSMAN said...


You can package this anyway you want. What it says is, The Romney campaign is on the same page as the Republican Party on this issue...THAT'S GOOD!

What will happen now that that's all cleared up is that Romney Surrogates and pro-PACS will push this angle while he talks jobs, economy and "America's Greatest Days are yet ahead"

Terrye said...


Romney took all manner of crap for not calling this a tax sooner. All kinds of proud conservatives out there threw Scalia under the bus as soon as they saw it was politically useful to go for the tax increase angle..and they were calling Mitt Romney a liberal for taking so long to jump on that band wagon and then when he did...the media called him a flip flopper.

In truth all sorts of people on the left and the right have been all over the place with this.

Mitt Romney has been more consistent than most of them. That is just the truth.

drob said...

Yesterday I was frustrated at the Romney campaign because Erick put Mitt's Surrogates in a box with the media. I was frustrated with Erick because agreeing with Obama on this issue is toxic. Today Mitt put the Anaconda back on Obama's neck. Now keep it there. They are going to Huff and Puff, by comparing it to the MA plan.

SCOTUS didn't say the MA plan was a tax. They couldn't that would be a requirement of the Massachusetts Supreme Court to determine. It isn't in the SCOTUS jurisdiction. Why it Romneycare is a state issue. When MA court says Romneycare is a tax then it is also a tax. Won't happen.

Mitt spoke and he cleared the issue. Forget what Erick said, Mitt has spoken and now it is back on the table.

Great Job Mitt

Anonymous said...

Flip Floppney cant have it both ways. He is toast in November. He and his lousy team will suffer a bigger loss than Lame Mccain did. Romney not too long ago said " I believe we are in a recovery, economy is getting better."

Do us a favor Mittens, stay on your lakeside home and play with your jetskis.

Anonymous said...

obama can hardly call mitt a flip flopper. obama has flip flopped on every issue.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you call the GOP had better articulate how Obamacare will destroy and transform the US Healthcare system. In addition to the mandate there are 20 additional taxes that will greatly impact middle income families. Arguing with the DEMS on whether it is a tax or a penalty is pointless and takes the attention away from what is actually in the bill that Dems to not wish to talk about.

The attached linked itemizes the new taxes in the OBAMADONTCARE Health plan.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are doing a good job of messaging the good things in the ObamaTAX Bill and the GOP is doing a lousy job in detailing all of the negative points of the ObamaTax bill.

Anonymous said...

By talking about what is actually in the bill gets the conversation away from the mandate in Romneycare verses the mandate in the ObamaTax bill.

Anonymous said...

Leighrow at 11:21pm: You are 100% correct. The GOP has to get its messaging act together, or we won't win in November.

Case in point. This being a holiday, I had a call today from my sister, who is a working wife/mom, taking care of our very elderly mother, and a pro-Romney voter. My sister is managing a household of five, in addition to working full time; and she doesn't have the leisure to frequent blogs like RightSpeak or to research the details of political/policy positions on her own. She grabs her information from FOX at night or snippets from the MSM news.

She knows in her gut that Obamacare--strike that, ObamaTAX--is bad news. But she doesn't feel she has the FACTS in hand to be able to refute her Democrat co-workers when they praise everything the law will do for them ("free" mammograms, yeah!).

She was SHOCKED when I told her that 16,000 IRS AGENTS would ultimately be hired to enforce the national HEALTH CARE law. She couldn't believe that her 23-year-old daughter (who's currently paying off her hefty college loans) would have to buy a gold-plated health plan, dictated by the government, for one purpose: to subsidize us geezers. She was APPALLED when I told her that most labor unions and the Congress itself were EXEMPT from the law they supported. "Exemptions" don't pass the common man's/woman's smell test.

For Pete's sake, the messaging against ObamaTAX should be easy. But, at least as of today, the GOP seems more interested in talking to the media (who will always despise conservative Republicans) rather than in persuading and arming earnest voters like my sister.

Wake up, GOP. You have to ignite the biggest grassroots wildfire in history. Or you will lose this issue.

Lionhead said...

Bosman, Terrye, I understand your "political' point on this. As I said, call it a cucumber.

This compilation clip , of obama proves my point about it being originally labeled as a penalty subsequently disclaimed as a tax. I support Mark Levin's work with Landmark Legal Foundation to seek & sue the Gov't on any weak points in obamacare that can be brought. Moreover, his plan to repeal the 17th Amendment to stop the direct popular election of US Senators by State voters; proposing term limits (12 years) on Congress; and the Supreme Court (15 years) through staggered terms. This to allow mitigation for rogue justices that refuse their oath of office. IMHO, these are great first steps to bring back our Constitutional Republic.

State sovereignty must be brought back. Much to my chagrin, Romney mentioned individual sovereignty in his 4th of July message by referring to “the citizen is the sovereign and the government is the servant” & a mention of John Quincy Adams. I nearly fell off the chair!

Finally, the excessive use of Presidential "executive orders" that was made common by Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt in his activist administration. A great explanation of the history of same can be found in Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom videos.

Anonymous said...

annonymous..I completely agree. I was enjoying the 4rth today with friends and several of them were completely clueless about the additional taxes in Obamacare..It is not just the mandate it is 20 additional taxes....many regular people are not aware of this MAJOR FACT.

Romney's campaign and the GOP need to hammer this point directly ties into the jobs and economic message. The ObamaTax program will increase the debt and it will cost jobs.

I know I sound like a broken record,but the GOP is playing into the DEMS game of fighting over the trivial terminology on whether it is a tax or a penalty. What they should be doing is talking about the additional 20 taxes and the 16000 IRS agents who will enforce the bill.


Substance(Obamacare's 21 additional taxes) & style(should Romney & other Republicans call Obamacare a penalty or a tax?) are not mutually exclusive . Both are important, and both are worthy of public discussion & debate.

With regard to Team Romney's messaging, I think they are following the same strategy they used so effectively during the GOP primaries by keeping their powder dry until the final 30 to 60 days of the campaign.

Team Romney knows that most voters have very short memories and won't even start paying attention to the presidential race until the DNC & RNC hold their nominating conventions around Labor Day.

Advertising money spent now is advertising money that can't be spent in September & October - it's all about getting the most bang for their advertising bucks.

Furthermore, Team Romney is playing rope-a-dope with Team Obama by laying low and encouraging them to throw their best punches now, giving Team Romney plenty of time to effectively counter-punch after Labor Day when all the voters are paying attention.

Relax, folks, Team Romney knows EXACTLY what they're doing - media hype/spin about their so-called gaffes & flip-flops notwithstanding.

Terrye said...

My point was not that Romney was agreeing with Obama on was that he was agreeing with Scalia and Alito. Like it or not, if you call it a tax you contradict them.

Anonymous said...

Newark- Good points,there is one drawback to this approach,Romney is giving Obama full rein to define Romney as the outsourcer in chief in battle ground states; and many times these first impressions stick and are hard to turn around in a short period of time like 2 months before the election.