Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mitt Romney takes July 4th break with Family before the big campaign push

It’s a family tradition that spans a decade, as Mitt Romney’s clan — all 30 of them — gathers at his New England lakeside compound for a week of home-cooked meals, sporting events and ice cream outings.

Only this summer, things are a little different: The patriarch is the Republican candidate challenging President Barack Obama and there’s a Secret Service detail in tow everywhere Romney goes.
Nevertheless, the former Massachusetts governor is sticking to his routine. He attended Sunday church, let loose on Monday with a little jet skiing and on Monday night he was eating ice cream in town before piloting his boat back home to his lakefront estate. He walked barefoot with his grandchildren, posed for family photos, and visited with friends — just as he has done every other summer. For Romney, this week is a welcome opportunity to unwind from the campaign trail while reflecting on the biggest decision he’ll make during this campaign: choosing a running mate.

"It’s just so nice to have everybody together," his wife, Ann, said after church on Sunday. "We never get to see them all anymore."

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Terrye said...

I was over at Hot Air and you would not believe how many Romney haters were whining about this vacation. They said that Romney was an idiot for doing this..he looks like a rich guy!

Honestly, some of these people are just beyond reason.

Lionhead said...

Terrye, this is what happens when the Marxist/Socialists divide up the conservatives into different camps: RINO progressives, "Neo-Cons" or "Tea-o-Cons," Reagan style conservatives, and Libertarians. It's one reason why the Red Team candidate you support can't get a clear majority in the sub-divisions of the group. The groups are divided. This is the well known divide & conquer strategy.

Your man has every right to be rich, take a vacation, run for President, or water ski to his heart's content. No Libertarian would ever deny him his freedom to do so. Only Progressives would seek to put limits on what any person could or could not do. It is the nature of their philosopy to do so & ultimately usurp everyone's liberty as the masterminds think they know what's best for you.

So, as you castagate other's opinions reflect back to the underlying issues. One man's vacation is his right, or his bain. Pardon the pun. ;)

I'm disappointed that Bosman didn't put up the great family photo of the Romney's on vacation. The photo that represents the old style American values of family, friends & feast. Wouldn't it be nice to see such things in the chaos we're all living through? BTW, Bosman, did you notice the singers at the Reagan July 4th celebration were singing "live free" just before the fireworks?

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

~ John Quincy Adams