Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Senator John Kyl floats the possibility of Impeaching President Obama

The Supreme Courts decision to uphold the "Show your papers" part of Arizona's Immigration law (SB 1070) has been met with the Obama Administration's new policy to thwart Arizona's efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

When asked What recourse could be followed by the state of Arizona, Arizona's Senator John Kyl had this to say on Bill Bennett's radio show:

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Machtyn said...

Jon Kyl. (No 'h' or 'e')

I'm glad somebody is talking about it. Obama, for supposedly being a Constitutional scholar, does not know the Constitution very well. I wonder how many impeachable actions he has taken. There have been more than a few, I think.

Frozone said...

Too late for impeachment. If someone pulls that stunt, it will make Obama seems the embattled underdog and turn out the sympathy vote. Best to just campaign on his feckless administration and show him the door in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I don't think impeachment is what anyone wants to use, but the average people need to know what the administration has done here in rescinding Arizona's rights to use the immigration status checks now open to all states but Arizona. This is punishment to Arizona, but the consequences are real. No President should get away with this. Kyl is bringing the seriousness of what its happening to the average voter's mind.


Bob said...

Impeachment would surely be time consuming for the President.

LESS TIME to campaign and fund raise.