Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama by 9 in OHIO

Head-to-Head: (Previous results from May 10)

Barack Obama 47% (45%)
Mitt Romney 38% (44%)

Poll Demographics:

Democrats 34%
Republican 26%
Independent 34%
Other 5%
A survey of 1,237 Ohio voters was conducted June 19-25, 2012. The MOE is +/-2.8%.
The data can be viewed HERE.

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1 comment:

Ohio JOE said...

Adjusting for a more realistic Party ID breakdown, Mr. Obama is only ahead by about 3 points, not 9. Ohio temporarily moved from the the most Red of the Purple states to the most Purple of the Red states, but the last few polls put my state back in Purple territory. Other than the fact that Mr. Obama has better TV ads in Ohio than Mr. Romney, I do not know why Mr. Obama has gained momentum in Ohio over the past week. I guess the Walker honeymoon is finished here.