Wednesday, June 27, 2012

VP Watch: Marco Rubio on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Full Interview 06-25-12)

H/T Leighrow

Absolutely Great interview and worth taking the time to listen to:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bosman.

Noelle said...

I was struck by a few things in this interview. First of all, I thought Marco Rubio did a great job. Second, I thought it was interesting that liberals in general, and Jon Stewart in particular, truly do not comprehend the economy and how it works. Third, it was confirmed to me that Jon Stewart is a skilled debater and an intelligent liberal. Those two men had a respectful and interesting debate, even though they had very little common ground. Fourth, the audience jumped and cheered every time they thought Stewart had a snappy response, but never acknowledged Rubio’s snappy responses. Rubio handles himself very well in a hostile environment. This is not to say that the audience was hostile as in they were being mean, but there was no one on Rubio’s side of the issues. Finally, I think Jon Stewart would probably be a much better president that Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is great. I can only hope that Romney is seriously considering him for VP, he is smart and can bring charisma and help Mitt win. Mitt please consider Rubio.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent conversation. I have much respect for Stewart, I disagree with him on pretty much everything but he is one of the few liberals I know who can have a respectful and thought driven debate.

- Andrew Ryan

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is an intelligent man but his thinking is very one-dimensional. One thing he should consider is the example of the States. I live in a 90% conservative State (Utah). Here the unemployment hasn't gone over 5%. In the Clinton/Bush years it was as low as 2%. This is a state where many people go to business school and a large number of enterprises start here. The local government is very supportive and growth is steady. Conservative ideas work and Utah and other States are the living proof. It's time to implement those ideas at the federal level. He may say we had our chance with Bush but Mitt is no Bush, he is more like Reagan and he will bring unprecedented growth, IMO.