Saturday, June 30, 2012

President Obama to Soldiers & Veterans: I want you to pay higher health Care fees

On the day after the Supreme Court breathed new life into Obamacare, The Obama administration decides to try and SCREW our soldiers and veterans with higher health care fees. Some feel this is no more than a means of forcing them into state run insurance exchanges.
The Obama administration on Friday threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it does not include higher health care fees for members of the military.

“The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation,” the White House wrote in an official policy statement expressing opposition to the bill, which the House approved in May.
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StatesmanSword said...

Hard to understand obama until you know who he is. He tries to keep that from happening.

To win we need to know ourselves.
"Art of War"