Saturday, June 30, 2012

President Obama may be experiencing Déjà vu shortly as history repeats itself

Who can forget President G. H. W. Bush when he said:

That clip was played over and over by the Bill Clinton campaign. Bush eventually lost a second term.

The question is, As a result of The SCOTUS ruling that Obama care is a TAX, after attorneys for the President argued this, Is this President Obama's "Be Careful What You Wish for" moment?

Did he win the battle only to lose the War?

Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald had this to say:
The chief justice knows that the president has been running around denying that Obamacare is a tax, and he knows the administration then called it a tax in its arguments before the high court.

So, in essence, Roberts may have been sending a message to the White House; you want a tax? You got it.
So Roberts may have done two things whether deliberate or not:

1. Voters (not the SCOTUS) will be deciding whether to overturn the law by electing Mitt Romney.
2. A new Battle Cry for Republicans in their efforts to take control of the Senate in order to insure that Obamacare is repealed.

I see several ads in the GOP'S FUTURE based on clips like these:

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Unknown said...

YES DO THIS!!! Especially the "never purchased on the backs of the middle class" ad.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Keep up the heat BOSMAN!!!!!

Sorry I have been absent so much but life gets in the way sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Obama pulling away now in Rasmussen. Yup this is really great thing. (not!). Roberts is beneath contempt

Anonymous said...

People need reality, so far they've just experienced msm's imagination and hype.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going down, period.

Anonymous said...

He has broken all his promises, except to get the price of gasoline to go up. He managed to keep that promise.

Anonymous said...

Go Obama? Not.

Anonymous said...

Where we're going who needs jobs, we'll be death like the millions of Germans, Russians, and Chinese who believe leaders who promise utopia, but instead they deliver dystopia. Try valuing your brains. Historic middle class tax increase? That is a winning campaign?

Anonymous said...

Everything out of Obama's mouth is a lie. Remember the state of the union speech where that Congressman yelled "liar" at the President? This free health care is only free for illegal aliens. The rest of us will be made poor and taxed beyond reason. Private health insurance carriers disappear. You don't get to keep your current policy. Everyone's policies are going up in price. Everything Obama said was a gigantic lie.

Anonymous said...

And you won't be able to trust your doctor.

Anonymous said...

Where are all those liberals who wanted privacy in the bedroom? Now you favor the federal government database telling them when you sneeze?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please make me a prisoner of the State?

Anonymous said...

Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production. What they won't tell you is that, at its base, the "means of production" is the individual. They mean to abolish your ownership of yourself, to enslave you to their ends.

Go slaves?

It is a tax, yes it is.

Tax laws have to originate in House, not the Senate the way this bill did.

Brilliant. Sneak around the American People. Wow. He's so cool. Only the Stupid Media have that good of an imagination. Most people know money doesn't grow on trees and that Obama doesn't believe in accountability. He knows this bill is to destroy America's ability to defend itself.

GetReal said...

Mitt needs to get on top of that outsourcing lie because his poll numbers are going down. We can't afford four more years of Obama. If he's willing to do the things he's doing now with an election coming up, imagine what he'll do with more "flexibility?"

hamaca said...

Great to see you, Doug!

BOSMAN said...

Hey Doug,

Hope everything is well with you.

You're greatly missed my friend!

Anonymous said...

Mitt and the GOP must drop the term “Obamacare” immediately and always, always say “ObamaTAX” or “ObamaTAX Health Plan” or “ObamaTAX on Healthcare.” The vocabulary of the debate has to be seized RIGHT NOW by our side.

Many people are not following this issue closely, and they don’t have a clue about the huge new taxes coming their way in ObamaTAX. Most of these taxes have been cynically deferred till 2014. By design, most folks won’t know what hit them till it’s too late to throw Obama out of office.

Mitt and the GOP have to develop, publicize, and hand out simple personalized grocery-style lists and Q&As detailing the specific taxes that will hit Americans, their families, their employers, and their businesses, e.g., Tax #1-Your Family’s Health Insurance Premium UP BY %, Tax #2-Your Grandfather’s Walker or Wheelchair UP BY %, Tax #3-Your Employer’s Health Benefit Plan UP BY %, Tax #4-Your Diabetes Medicine UP by %, Tax #5- Your Cancer Treatments UP by %, Tax #6- etc.

Q: What if I don’t need health insurance and don’t want to buy it at this time?
A: You don’t have a choice. You will be taxed by the IRS if you don’t have health insurance coverage. The IRS will review your entire tax return and may decide to audit your tax records.

Q: What if I don’t have health insurance and don’t pay the taxes I owe?
A: The IRS will come after you, your wages, and your assets until you pay everything you owe, plus overdue penalties.

Q: What if my employer can’t afford to offer me and the other employees in my company health insurance coverage?
A: Your employer can drop all employee health insurance coverage, pay you a fixed amount set by law, and you MUST buy health insurance on the PUBLIC health insurance “exchanges.” If you don’t, you will be taxed by the IRS.

Q: Can I keep my same doctor under the ObamaTAX Health Plan?
A: Not if your doctor doesn’t participate in the PUBLIC health insurance “exchanges” or if your doctor can’t afford to accept the minimal payments set by the federal government. You will be assigned a doctor by the PUBLIC health insurance “exchanges” if your doctor retires or doesn’t want to accept all the new rules under the ObamaTAX Health Plan.

Q: Can I select the kinds of health benefits I want to buy, based on my age, my history of good health, or my family’s needs?
A: No. Everyone must purchase the same level of health benefits set by the federal government. You can purchase more coverage but not less than the government requires.

ETC. Ad Nauseam . . .

Anonymous said...


I agree with regards to branding Obamacare the ObamaTax.

Below is a link detailing the 21 new taxes in ObamaTax. I am not sure if I read it here but 12 of the 21 taxes will be leveled directly at the middle class making under $120,000.

Anonymous said...

Another link to Steven Moore discussing the Impact of the ObamaTax on people earning$120,000 and less.