Saturday, June 30, 2012

According to, 'No Evidence Romney Shipped Jobs Overseas'

This should put to rest the claims that the Obama Campaign are making against Mitt Romney...but it probably won't:
...after reviewing numerous corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange
Commission, contemporary news accounts, company histories and press releases, and the
evidence offered by both the Obama and Romney campaigns, we found no evidence to support the claim that Romney — while he was still running Bain Capital — shipped American jobs overseas.
Read the full report HERE.

As far as I'm concerned, really no surprise here. Has the Obama campaign ever been known to tell the truth?

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Unknown said...

Keep this link handy, folks. And every time someone brings up this false claim...hit them in the testicles with it.

Terrye said...

I saw this at Hot Air...and in the comments someone mentioned that when it comes to outsourcing, the US imports more jobs than it exports. I wonder if that is true.