Monday, May 21, 2012

VP Watch: Paul Ryan on 'Meet The Press' and 'Fox News Sunday' (VIDEO 05-20-12)

House Budget Chair Rep. Paul Ryan and Senate Assistant Majority Leader discuss governance, the presidential election and the “Us vs. Them,” economic message the Obama campaign has pivoted to in recent weeks:

Here Paul Ryan debates former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee on 'Fox News Sunday':

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Anonymous said...

Ryan Won!

Anonymous said...

Ryan is 50 x's smarter than the Goolsebee guy and obama together.

Anonymous said...

Ryan won. And Goolsebee kept trying to pin the record of Obama bundler on Romney. How deceitful! America is great because of Capitalism, and everyone knows it.

Free enterprise and respect for private property is the reason so many people sacrificed to come here.

Go away Obama, nobody is forcing you to stay in America. And Michelle was also free to go anytime she preferred another country. We DID NOT elect you to insult us for four years. Enough.

Anonymous said...

All Senators and all the House, yes ALL of both bodies of Congress, REJECT Obama's idea of a budget. Get a clue, Goolsbee.

Obama knows Chicago gangster style political hack tactics. He does NOT understand history, America, Christianity, family values, OR THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM ECONOMY.

And he doesn't want to understand. He thinks America is wealthy by stealing from poor countries. He is foreign to us, period.

newark hawk said...

Ryan will be President Romney's OMB Director. He's perfect for that job. But he's way too young & inexperienced to be VP. Romney's kids are older than Ryan.