Monday, May 21, 2012

Vanderbilt Poll: Romney leading Obama by 7 points in TENNESSEE

Head-To-Head: (Previous results from Feb 23)

Mitt Romney 47% (42%)
Barack Obama 40% (39%)

How would you rate the condition of the United States economy these days?

Fairly to Very Good 22.4%
Fairly to very Bad 75.5%
Don't know/Refused 2.2%
A survey of 756 registered voters was conducted May 2-9, 2012. The MOE is +/- 4 percentage points.
The full story is HERE.
The questions and other data can be viewed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Romney will win Tennessee. What bothers me is how disturbingly close that poll is. There is no reason why Romney shouldn't have at least a 15% lead in such a conservative state. Why is Hussein polling so well??? Why would anyone want another 4 years of him? This is very frustrating.

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 12:57

The Vanderbilt poll has Romney leading Obama by 47-40 in Tennessee, with 13% undecided.

According to Dick Morris's historical analysis, virtually all of the undecided voters vote for the challenger(Romney) in presidential elections where there is an incumbent(Obama) on the ballot.

So, if the election were held today, Romney would defeat Obama by roughly 60-40 in Tennessee.