Monday, May 21, 2012

Mitt Romney honors Cuban Independence Day (VIDEO 05-20-12)

"Today, I join with the Cuban people—on the island, here in America, and elsewhere in the world—in honoring the independence that was so dearly won by brave Cubans over a century ago. The struggle for Cuban independence was based on the principles of liberty, and won through the courage and sacrifice that the yearning for freedom inspires." - Mitt Romney

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Anonymous said...

Go Romney! We believe in Freedom.


The Cuban-American vote is significant in one state and one state only - Florida.

Florida is among the states hit hardest by Obamanomics - soaring unemployment, plummeting home values, dwindling tourism.

Romney will win Florida with or without - preferably without, IMHO - Marco Rubio as his running mate.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a statesman honors the endeavor of the Cubano forced into exile. I am not a Cuban, only one that was born in Miami, and knows the goodness of the Cuban culture.

As a Gringo... I say, Viva Cuba, libertad viva. (Sorry, but my Chinese is, probably, better than my Spanish.)

/Mi llamo Esteban!