Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Student defends Mitt Romney from an imbecile posing as a teacher (FULL VIDEO)

The following video should be listened to by EVERYONE that has kids in public schools:

Here we have a teacher (and I use the term sparingly) trying to brainwash the minds of her students with liberal BS and mis-information.

This teacher obviously received her teaching credentials in a Cracker Jacks box and should be fired or at least given a competency test in which she would need to at least achieve an imbecile level. The kid who was defending Romney was the only voice in the entire video making any sense.

If anything is learned by this video, it's that parents can't take anything for granted when it comes to your child's education. You send them to school, don't assume there is teaching and learning going on. BE ACTIVE.

The article that accompanied the video can be read HERE.

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cimbri said...

Pretty pathetic when a 10 year old kid knows the Constitution better than his union teacher.

Noelle said...

I was most struck by how incompetent that teacher was. My question is is she knowingly allowing her passion for Barack Obama to deceive her students, or is she really that ignorant?

larry said...

The schools have been ruined by court orders, affirmative action and unions.

former teacher said...

Wasn't this women even interviewed before she got her job?

She talked in phrases and for me was incoherent.

Anonymous said...

Da sheboon dont beez standin fo noz disspectin of dis prezdent...

How is this person a teacher when she is obviously far less intelligent than her supposed pupils? She can't even speak English, let alone mount an intelligent rebuttal to his point.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Americans, I worked in a Utah public school and this problem is UNIVERSAL. This woman is not a rare exception. This woman is not subtle, but the abuse and dominance is EVERY where in public schools.

Anonymous said...

And the teachers in Utah were FAR less intelligent than their pupils. I was there. I know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

And IN UTAH the use of Obama's portrait was very communist in style and practice. YUK.

Anonymous said...

Bosman was absolutely correct in stating that ALL parents with children in public school ought to patiently listen to this recording.

In Utah the literally stupid teachers are "...trying to brainwash the minds of {their} students with liberal BS and mis-information." I am a witness. Good teachers are persecuted and driven out of teaching.

The teachers' attitudes are contagious. We must hire teachers that value learning.

Their textbooks berate America and lie about history. For example, in fifth grade the official Utah textbook said that Catholics were the most tolerant of religious differences.

Public schools hide from students that people fled to America to avoid being burned at the stake by Catholics. The Pope said that half of the world belonged to Spain in an official Papal Bull, the other half to Portugal.

The official Utah textbook told students that the reason the Catholics/Spanish were mad at Sir Francis Drake was that he stole their gold. I pointed out that they might not have liked it when he defeated their "Invisible Armada" either.

The Spanish considered all non-Spain sailors pirates.

The Catholics/Spanish of Drake's time routinely confiscated the cargo of ships and imprisoned the sailors. But why is that not called stealing in OUR history books?

You may question my placing Catholics and the Spanish together, but the facts prove the Pope paid the Spanish for their actions. The Pope offered a large fortune to Spain to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and subjugate England.

It is imperative that students learn the REAL process of founding this nation and creating our Constitution.

Above all we deserve academic freedom!!!!!!!!! Our children do NOT deserve to be abused and shamed.

The system created this situation, it is NO accident. Teaching school is intimate, and they KNEW what this woman is like. She had a job. I've met teachers with Masters degrees who can't get teaching jobs. They were told they had to be bi-lingual.

Anonymous said...

Inter caetera was a papal bull issued by Pope Alexander VI on 4 May 1493.
The Spanish crown and conquistadors completely believed it gave Spain full political sovereignty. And the Pope could easily stop such a belief, but he did not.

Anonymous said...

*'invincible' Armada

Anonymous said...

This teacher is a bully.