Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FEC: Contributions to All Candidates Interactive Data Base

Ever wonder who your neighbors or relatives support ($) for President?
Well now you can find out.

The FEC has this interactive data base where you can search for Contributors by name, zipcode, city and employer.

The data is boken down by 2008 & 2012 contributions to individual candidates, parties and PACS.

Have Fun:

CLICK THE MAP BELOW to goto the interactive data base

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Anonymous said...

My boss is a liar. He never gave the max to Romney.

Machtyn said...

I don't know how reliable this is. I've not found the correct totals of the contributions my wife and I have made.

Anonymous said...

I'm listed.

Noelle said...

I found my former boss and his wife who, with my encouragement, gave the max to Romney. :)

Anonymous said...

Is soul mate the right meanin of fec