Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NYT Times reporter goes to Mitt Romney's church to seek any dirt she can find

NYT's reporter Jodi Kantor went to Mitt Romney's church to seek any information she could find on what makes Romney tick and how his faith might influence a Romney Presidency.
New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor appeared on MSNBC this morning to discuss an investigative report she did on Mitt Romney's Mormon church, his values and what his fellow worshipers say about him.

"What we were really looking at is the biographical influence of faith on Mitt Romney's life," Kantor explained.
Here she is on MSNBC Monday morning reporting on her findings:

Now, I think my Google search button must be broken. I tried to do a search of the NYT looking for an in depth look at Barack Obama's faith and what the Times found out about him from members of his Chicago congregation during the 2008 election. I wondered how all those "God damn America" type sermons by Reverend Wright might have influenced a Barack Obama presidency.

If someone finds that information from the 2008 election, please post a link in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Your search button isn't broken. The NYT and other liberal media, never dis any in depth articles on Obama and his faith (s).

Anonymous said...

lol this is bull crap!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting.....maybe they should have looked at Rev Wright BEFORE the election and asked some tough questions there....the nyt has no credibility anymore .....not that they ever did

Anonymous said...

And so, what did this reporter find? That Mitt lives his faith? And that NO ONE would give her the dirt she was seeking.

Sheesh. And then that little line there that Beau Biden thinks that Mitt's religion is fair game? They are desparate, if this is how low they have to stoop to find dirt, and still come up empty.


Machtyn said...

This article is funny for several reasons:
1. Romney Prays: He really prays about important decisions. Shocking!
2. Mormons believe America is exceptional. They really believe it. They believe God blesses America. Shocking!
3. The ONLY negative thing they could find is some of his "closest" member friends thinks he is being hypocritical for being so mean with attack ads. Really? That's all they've got?

At least Romney attacks on policy and actual records. He does not attack personally, as far as I have seen.

Besides, what is the NYT trying to suggest? We shouldn't criticize the President? We shouldn't show how his policies are hurting Americans? That just silly.

Steve and Sandy Tusler said...

As a member of the LDS Church, I was happy that she did this article. It stated correctly our tenants and what guides Mitt's life. It was one of the few articles that did not misstate our beliefs. This is the way we live our faith and Mitt does the same. There was no news here and I realize she was trying to print a negative story, but there really is nothing negative to say. Mitt lives his faith.

Dave said...

This wasn't a hit piece, whatever its original intent, but it was funny. So, Mitt actually believes in prayer and in being nice!

Who'd a thunk?

Anonymous said...

Machtyn-I agree and I get quite irritated when the right wing and left wing pundits whine about Mitt's attack ads. I truly believe the attack ads that brought Gingrich down in Iowa were Ron Paul's attack ads not Romney's. Romney's and Pauls attack ads on Gingrich's and Santorum's policies were effective because they were true.

Romney's attacks on Obama have all been policy related and are true. It is the Obama campaign who is hitting below the belt with hearsay stories from high school as well as lame stories regarding dog transportation.

Anonymous said...

George Washington also thanked Divine Providence that He saved us a nation.

Anonymous said...

Some Mormons are Democrats, so they would worry about attack ads.

Anonymous said...

Some people don't like politics, and I think I'm safe to say that most don't like politics. Bad and evil happen when good men do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Whatsoever evil we can resist with our words, such as rebellions and dissensions, let us resist them!

Anonymous said...

The MSM is NOT to be trusted to tell the truth, they've proven that. Romney's life force is used, via campaign funding, to correct Obama lies. We ought to be grateful.

Romney created jobs and wealth, and Obama destroys jobs and wealth. FACT.

Romney's record has transparency, and Obama's records are sealed. That says it all.

And Obama tells us he eats dog, and that he was drugged up for two years in high school. Obama is the one who'd be better off if he were silent and didn't attack Romney.

Anonymous said...

Dog care was a DUMB campaign strategy from Obama. And Obama quoting Rick Perry about Bain is DUMB.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the Chairman Mao of negative ads. His first elections were all about sneaking into opponents' divorce records, etc. His "roto-rooter" attacks on "Joe the Plumber" gave us some of our first national glimpses into Obama's "not-nice-guy" soul, if he has one.

Now he wants to claim Romney is mean? Hypocrite. Obama hired Rahm Emanuel to represent him, because Obama is NOT nice. And Eric Holder is Obama's idea of an Attorney General. All three are gangsters and thugs.

Obama praised Charlie Rangel when he was in trouble for stealing from American taxpayers, literally. But now he calls Romney a rapist in business? Sorry, this guy is NOT nice. Obama makes "The Joker" in Batman look nice.

Anonymous said...

Obama Dracula has a true ring to it.