Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mitt's Big Night

Just a week ago Mitt was down 15 points in Ohio but cruised to a narrow victory over  his opponents in the Buckeye State [regardless of the Democrat's Operation Hilarity] to cap off a huge night of wins and delegates.

Super Tuesday was a Super Coup for Mitt Romney. With wins in Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, and Ohio, Mitt Romney has taken another big lead in delegates and the popular vote. With over 1,270,000 more votes than his closest rival some partisan media outlets and candidates look to diminish the fact that Romney is now impossible to catch. Gingrich and Santorum still harbor elusions of grandeur conjured by untempered egos that if they could run against Romney one-on-one they would win but the numbers just aren't convincing. The only number at the end of the day that we will remember is the delegate count and Romney is crushing it.

Fact: Romney has more delegates than all the other candidates combined!

Regardless of some naysaying pundits and candidates, Super Tuesday was a Super Victory for candidate Mitt Romney and no amount of hair splitting will change the fact that they were thoroughly trounced in delegates and popular vote. Time to retire the losers and let the champ take on the President and the democrats. The real game is about to begin and Romney has some new moves the President won't be ready for. In that way the vicious GOP primary has been good but now Gingrich and Santorum need to step aside for the good of the country. Over 1,277,000 republican voters agree on that.
There you go again Rick. For the good of the country it's time for EVERYONE to get behind Mitt to STOP OBAMA.  Once again Santorum has forgotten which team he plays for i.e.; robocalls to democrats in Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Romney is also the only candidate spanning the country with wins. Rick is midwest. Newt is South. Mitt wins east, west, and central.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Publius Nemo, for your clear-eyed assessment of Romney's victories on Super Tuesday. Next January 2013, when Romney is taking the oath of office and Ann is holding the Bible for him, the media elite and the D.C. pundits will still be carping on his "weakness," "luck" (in having such doofus opponents), "wealth," and "out-of-touchness." That narrative probably won't change for the MSM until after Romney's second term, if then. We can always hope that the rightwing zealots, who are still determined to oppose him at all costs, might see the light once he starts turning this country around.