Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Man Race

Former Senator Rick Santorum has pulled ahead of the presumptive nominee, former Governor Mitt Romney, in a recent Michigan poll 39% to 24%. While this seems to be an impressive margin over the former Governor the vote is still 15 days out. That is an eternity in politics. Especially when one of the candidates has yet to receive any media attention (besides his women's emotions gaffe) or scrutiny. While Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich released their taxes several weeks ago we are still waiting to scrutinize Rick Santorum's and many believe that it will reveal Senator Santorum to be a quasi-lobbyist. Santorum has defined himself as a everyday hard working American but his tax records will tell another story. It will affirm that he has been a creature of Washington and that he cashed in on his insider knowledge of how big money works in DC. Coupled with his big spending on frivolous government projects and earmarks this will put in perspective the drawbacks of a candidate with no executive experience and decades of backdoor deals and insider favors. Rick Santorum has said this week that it is a two man race. This observer agrees. This is a race between Mitt Romney and President Obama. My firm belief is Mitt Romney will be the next President after a bitter contest with the incumbent and the Democrats this fall. Santorum is simply the flavor of the week.
Image courtesy of The Competent Conservative

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Anonymous said...

The Democrat polling firm PPP has severly over COOKED this poll.

The number of Evangelicals in this COOKED poll equal 48%.

Just one tiny problem Michigan's Evangeicals only make up 27% of the state which means PPP over COOKED this poll by 21%.

Feel free to throw this lying COOKED poll away but expect our anti-Mitt Press to run with it.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, PN. Thanks.


Bulder-Holland said...

Have you looked at the interview Santorum gave to CNN where he accused Romney of rigging the straw poll. At the end he is saying there is nothing wrong with buying tickets for attenders to the straw poll!!! Everybody does that. So Santormum is accusing Romney of something he would actually do himself, without having evidence that Romney actually did rig the straw poll. This is a typical answer which in my opinion says Santorum is a bad loser.

Terrye said...

It is a two man race right now..I am not sure that I take the PPP poll seriously at this point, but I do think they are very close.

I think Santorum has virtually no chance of beating will be hard for anyone to beat him in fact.

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing on the news today that Mitt's latest poll numbers in Arizona are 48 percent to 24 percent for Newt Gingrich. I don't have any dates or other info. on the poll. However, it sounds like Rick is doing even worse than Gingrich. Arizona has almost as many delegates as Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Those poll numbers don't surprise me.

Back in 08, Romney almost won it against McCain (home state) in the GOP primary.

craigs said...

This poll is a colossal joke. One example.....they polled 12 people in AC 313, DETROIT......which had 100,000 votes in 2008 primary. Romney got about 45% of the Detroit vote then. PPP telephone poll finds 5 voters for Santorum, 4 voters for Romney and 1 Undecided.
They then announce 41% for Santorum, 33% for Romney and 24% Undecided. media goes nuts with big Santorum lead in Michigan.......1 vote
Michigan has about 80 counties. Romney carried just 13 in Detroit Metro area in 2008 plus Grand Rapids (Kent) and beat John McCain by 9 percent. Yet, PPP polled less than 30 % in these counties and only about 100 people in total. Absurd.....but media are like Pavlovs Dog. Put froth on a poll and they think it's dinner

Publius Nemo said...

Even if the poll was accurate Mitt Romney has all the time in the world to turn it around and Rick Santorum has all the time in the world to bring about his own demise in the polls and election. All these ABRs have a short political lifespan and Santorum will be no different. The big question is why aren't his colleagues in the senate and congress coming out in droves for him like they are for Romney? Endorsements aren't everything but you have to sit up and take notice when people of quality and substance are supporting Mitt Romney over his rivals.