Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Media SCUM take Mitt Romney comment on the poor out of context

In an effort to try and squash today's buzz about Romney's trouncing of Newt Gingrich in Florida, The MEDIA SCUM have resorted to twisting Romney's words or taking them out of context from a CNN interview this morning..

Here are some links to just a few of the News outlets:

Romney: “I’m Not Concerned About The Very Poor"

Romney: Campaign ‘Not Concerned About the Very Poor’

Did Mitt Romney just disrespect poor Americans?

Romney, citing safety net, says he’s ‘not concerned about the very poor’

Of course anyone with a half-a-brain, would want to hear the entire context of the statement (half-a-brain..I know I'm asking a lot) before drawing a conclusion. Well here it is:

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Anonymous said...

I agree its been taken out of context, but Mitt also needs to be "politically correct" and not make statements like this that will give the media and the other candidates a field day.He can word it differently but saying "Im not concerned" or "I like firing people" are phrases he needs to avoid.

Terrye said...

Anonymous..I don't know about that...the media thought that the 10,000 bet would be a big deal and it was not..they thought that the I like firing people would be a big deal too..and it was to the media, but I think most Americans know what Romney is saying here and most Americans know the media likes to cherry pick comments. It is pretty difficult to be politically correct when they are willing to cut someone off at a comma and not even let them finish a sentence.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will be a big deal, but Newt already used it, and Obama surely will. It just doesn't sound good.

However, everyone expects Romney to be perfect. When he makes the slightest gaffe, they pounce. Is it too much to expect them to care about something that really matters? Apparently so.

For instance, Newt's campaign thugs broke a man's foot the other day, and Newt has no response.

Newt's campaign is paying him. No one cares. Newt's pants are on fire from all the lies, and no one notices.


Katrina L. Lantz said...

Big deal. I've heard Mitt say this at virtually every campaign stop and in several debates. His opponents know it isn't new. And it's not about being PC. You can take anything out of context. This is the kind of media distortion that the people are even MORE sick of than the campaigns' negative advertising. Hear that, media? I'm fine with the negative advertising. I'm sick of the media selectively cutting my guy's words out and pasting them on billboards. We've said it before and we'll keep saying it: Mitt will win without the help of the media, because he has truth on his side.

Anonymous said...

It's "I like being able to fire people." You can't even get his words right. I saw the video - there is no problem. If you are going to take certain words out of context not even sentences then that is just disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If this is the worst coming from Mitt, then Mitt is doing fine. Gingrich gives us encyclopedias' worth of blather. Obama has "led" the country to the edge of collapse. If this is the worst from Mitt - then I'm voting for Mitt!

Anonymous said...

I thought Romney not knowing what his own ads were in Florida was going to be a problem. Turns out it wasn't.

I'm thinking this will blow over as well. Particularly in the GOP. The Dems on the other hand love little clips that take someone out of context and then play it over and over.

Then again, the Dems are just as likely to splice a series of words from various Romney bits to piece together whatever they want him to have said.

They're going to be desperate this year because they know a landslide is coming...and it'll be them buried beneath it.


Anonymous said...

Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah!

Poor deluded Romney supporters.

The media is being mean!


Strap a set on, because it's gonna be a long year for Mitt.

Terrye said...

The truth is Romney gives 16% of his income to non political charities while half of the people in this country are not required to pay federal income taxes...well where do people think the money for those safety nets come from? But I doubt very much that the American people would want to see middle income
Americans paying more taxes to support more help for the poor..the truth is middle America is worried about the price of gas and the cost of their light bill.

Terrye said...

Anon....what was that about? I am not crying...besides, Gingrich is shedding enough tears for all us.

Terrye said...

And what is this fixation with testicles? Or sometimes people say cajones...nuts, balls etc..but it seems there are some people who just can not make a comment without a reference to genitalia...what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Mitts actions speak louder than words. He has given more of his income to charity than Obama, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul and most of the press corps, combined.

Anonymous said...

RW lurking around making more rude comments, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Let me be clear,Mitt said there are safe net there,if they need help, I will fix them,they have housing,they have welfare and they have medicaid program to help them,that is Mitt point,he is correct,because the middle income are more struggle when they lost their job.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The Cry Baby Conservatives are making this a bigger deal than the Libs, wring thier hands wetting their diapers over Mitt's tin ear.

Sure he could be a little more careful, but Romney will get over this trifle with no trouble.

The average person will know and accept exactly what he meant. It's only the "Political Elite" who flailing about over this.

BTW, Mitt looked great, but he sounded a little tired, which is understandable.