Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Rick Santorum's favorite charity HIMSELF?

Mitt Romney has always been a very charitable person:

Romney charitable contributions:

Tax year (Taxable income) [Charitable donations] {Donations as % of income}
2010 ($21.7 million) [$2.98 million] {13.73%}
2011 ((est) $20.9 million) [$4 million] {19.14%}

Now we know that Rick hasn't made his tax returns available, So we don't know how charitable he's been. But did you know he has had some associations with Charitable foundations and PACS? This is how that all worked out:
In 2001, Santorum created a charitable foundation. This organization, Operation Good Neighbor Foundation, gave out nearly $474,000 to community groups in its first few years. Sounds great, right? The problem is that it had actually raised over a million dollars in that time. The remaining half million dollars was paid out to as salaries and consulting fees to lobbyists and fundraisers connected to Santorum’s campaign. Only 36% of the money raised by the foundation actually made it to those it was designed to help.

Similar discrepancies can be found in a political action committee formed by Santorum. It was supposed to be raising money to help fellow Republican candidates. However, only 18% of the funds went to those candidates. Much of the remaining money was used to furnish Santorum with a lavish lifestyle. Reports also show dozens of trips to fast food joints, supermarkets, Starbucks and other everyday expenses that had little to nothing to do with the original intent of the funds raised.
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Lionhead said...

Hi Bos, Good Job! Keep going, you're just sinking Mitt further.

In the mean time Rasmussen has just released its latest poll.

National GOP: Santorum 39%, Romney 27%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 10%


BOSMAN said...

We'll see LH!

Better start lining up your next ABR...because Santorum is going nowhere. He'll MELT just like the other flavors, only maybe a little faster.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this being reported in the main stream media and FOX news? I new all about this because my family who still lives in Pennsylvania told me about this big fact.

Again there is a BIG reason why Sanotrum lost by 18% in Pennsylvania as an incumbent Senator in 2006. I guess the MSM and FOX are going to report these type of details to the GOP primary voters after Santorum gets nominated.

Anonymous said...

I agree, why hasn't anyone brought this up.

This is the definition of cronyism!

Teemu said...

No, this is definition of scam/fraud.

Pretty hilarious how LH was jumping on board with the silly "Blood money" allegations, when if you looked into it, it was obvious that a weekly board of directors job of 2-4 hours of doing board of directors stuff for that company doesn't enable you to know every technical detail of the industry and the company.

Now that we have a obvious scam here, it's just unfair attacks.

Publius Nemo said...

One thing is certain. Santorum entered office with average means and he left with big contracts and paydays. Nothing illegal but just what has become commonplace for Washington insiders. Service = Gain. That's why we want someone from the private sector this time. It's high time!

Terrye said...

Lionhead...Why does it sink Mitt to talk about Santorum's finances? No one is lying about him..if it is the truth..why not talk about it? Are you afraid to deal openly with Santorum's finances.

dgenetaylor said...

The truth is what its all about. What I want to hear is the truth. its not "negative" if its true. If its a lie, then counter with facts.

Anonymous said...

Great post Bos.

Santorum is the great pretender.

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the $4000 worth of used clothing and household items he claimed as charity donations!! In 2007, the Santorums took a $4,000 charity deduction for giving away "clothing, footwear, accessories and household items."

executive gifts said...

The donation rates are hilarious. While Obama and Biden were relatively obscure before running for President and VP they gave like $1.29 per year to charity ( I exaggerate only a little for a joke). Sarah Palin gave much higher percent than both before presidential race. Both Obama and Biden gave practically nothing.

Geoff Granfield said...

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Sharon said...

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