Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romney: Living Life Tends to Make Your Life More Conservative

Mitt Romney was on Fox and Friends today and he made some very solid points that are worth going into some detail.

1) "Living life tends to make your life more conservative". This accurately describes the course that Romney has taken. Pundits and rivals like to label Mitt as a "flip-flopper". The phrase refers to politicians that take one position when it is politically convenient and then revert to their previous position. Governor Romney has only become more and more conservative with age and experience which is the natural journey for most Americans. We call it wisdom. He has never flipped and flopped. That epithet is 100% misleading.

2) Romney responded to Sarah Palin's doubts about his conservatism and clearly will not make an enemy of the former Alaska Governor even though she has disparaged him on more than several occasions. “We should probably spend time with Sarah Palin...I’m not sure what she’s referring to. I’m pro-life, pro traditional marriage, I believe in the second amendment, as governor I balanced the budget every year I was in office. Cut taxes 19 times.” In addition to responding well to Palin he proves he is a concensus builder. It would be tempting to write Mrs. Palin off but he has never looked to divide people or exacerbate differences. The fact that he has received the support from so many colleagues and former competitors is testament to his business like ability to unite and enhance cooperation. Our current President lacks this essential executive characteristic.

3) We have made the massive mistake of electing to office someone who had zero business experience and zero executive leadership. The plain and simple truth is Mitt Romney is the only candidate from Newt to Barak that has tackled this fundamental principal, "if you’ve been in the business world, you can’t help but be conservative, because if you don’t balance your budget in business, you go out of business.” President Obama made a campaign promise to cut the deficit in half and now says, "Well we're not there because this recession turned out to be a lot deeper than any of us realized." Mitt Romney has promised to balance the budget and his record and experience suggest he will because he has.

4) “I know some people want to talk about other issues, but frankly the issue that is beneath much of what’s happening in this country is the need to get our economy going again, to get people with rising incomes, gas prices lower, more people going back to work." Rick Santorum has done a good job at diverting GOP interest with cultural crusades but this year it's all about the economy stupid. Enough said.

5) The President announced that they are mulling the possibility of taking the nuclear inventory down to 1950's levels and reducing the military substantially. "The world is not safer. The world is more dangerous." Governor Romney is a big defense candidate but he isn't a buy everything kind of guy. He stresses the importance of our Navy and Air Force indicating he is more interested in defense than aggression. He asserts that weakening the military capability only invites rogue states and terrorist to test our resolve and capability and increases the chance for war. Peace through strength is a Reagan principal that Romney has clearly inherited.

6) Mitt was asked by Fox if this is now a two-man race. Mitt responded that he has heard it was a two-person race starting with Romney v Bachman, Romney v Pawlenty, Romney v Cain, Romney v Perry, Romney v Gingrich, and now Romney v Santorum. Graciously he commented that Gingrich could reemerge and reminds everyone not to write off Ron Paul. Magnanimously he recognized his competitors without disparaging any of them or dismissing their candidacies. He stated correctly that they are all very similar on policy and conservative values but what separates them most is their experience, background, and capability.

Mitt Romney has always been the best candidate and the list of two-man races thus far only adds to that argument. He is the only constant and he has weathered them all. The Romney v Obama race has been going since the President correctly identified the former Governor as the most dangerous candidate to his presidency. Soon Mitt will be able to dedicate his full attention and those of his supporters on Barack Obama and his four failed years at the helm of the sinking ship we lovingly call America.

Catch the whole video below.

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Terrye said...

I think getting older makes a person more conservative.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Romney will soon be able to concentrate on winning against Obama; that would be a nice change.

By the way, the word is "rogue" not "rouge" states. Just thought you might want to fix that.


dgenetaylor said...

See how the mainstream media and Mitt's opponents have distorted the facts? Romney is so solid. Romney is a true conservative, for one thing, because he has lived outside Washington. Rick is a Washington guy who has experience on committees that spend public money, or he has been paid to influence powerful people. Sure, he OK. But we need a proven leader with executive experience. Mitt is careful in building real bridges. And he doesn't lie. That's very important to me, after President Obama.

Deila Taylor said...

Great post. Michael Medved wrote a book about his turn to the right -- "Right Turns". He was a democrat, went to school with the Clintons, and then started "living life" and became conservative. Glad to see that Medved supports Romney. So many talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Levin are, in my opinion, an embarrassment to my party.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Mitt is hitting his stride.

Publius Nemo said...

AZ...Rouge states like Communist States. LOL. Good catch amigo. Thanks, PN