Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism [1-Hour Long Exposé]

This is a one-hour mashup of videos showing Newt Gingrich's anti-conservative behaviour over the years.

It Covers the following ...

- Tolerance of abortion
- Soft on illegal immigration
- Freddie Mac
- Global Warming Taxes
- NAFTA Pusher
- Mexican Bailout
- Healthcare, Clinton get together, Mandate
- Internationalist, UN, National-Building, IMF, WTO
- Moderate, Progressive, Wilsonian
- His love for Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Woodrow Wilson
- Clinton Suck Up
- Ethics Violations
- Scozzafava
- Education Tour with Al Sharpton
- Ryan Budget
- Tiffanys
- Serial Adultery
- Alvin & Heidi Toffler Connection
- Other Misc

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Anonymous said...

Bosman, I'm going to watch this when I have time later. Thank you for posting it.


Joe said...

Watched it in entirety.. Thank you for posting, voters need to see this. Im thinking of clipping it down to a more portable length. Whoever put this together did a great service to the country.

Jerald said...

Sic'em BOSMAN!!