Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt Romney is not dead yet

Most of us know of the car crash Romney was involved in during his mission to France. He was declared dead at the scene, but was not. If I remember correctly, the injured mission president returned to the states for a period of months to deal with his wife's death, leaving the mission without leadership. Romney became the defacto leader of the mission, rallying and motivating the other missionaries who had been demoralized by the terrible accident. He increased the yearly mission baptism goal by 40% up to 200, which they met--the most in the mission for a decade.
Romney said his life changed after that experience. He realized he wanted to live life with seriousness of purpose thereafter. Indeed he has. His life story is one of leadership, character, success, purpose, and values.

What gives me hope today is that Romney has the truth on his side. To put it simply, Mitt Romney is qualified and worthy to be our nominee, while Newt is not. I'm not going to list the contrasts between Mitt and Newt because that would take all day. It will suffice to say that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are polar opposites when it comes to character, leadership, conservative values and morality. They chose different paths in life and I think it's pretty clear that Romney's path in life has been one of service and decency, while Newt's has been all about elevating himself, leaving a wake of destruction in his personal life, and in the GOP. He's now in the process of transforming our party from one of promoting freedom, free enterprise, and family values, to one of hypocrisy, bigotry, and stupidity.

Romney looks a little worse for the wear today, but I believe that he will be able to recover from a bad week, and rally our party to reject the 'transformational' Newt. It's not going to be easy, though! He's battling a very silver-tongued lying devil, Obama, and both the left and rightwing media. He needs our support and prayers.

I've said over the past few days that I will leave this party if Newt becomes the nominee. But it's not really a matter of me leaving the GOP. If he wins, there won't be any party left.
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DanL said...

I didn't know that about Mitt's mission. Great story. Yes the contrast between Newt and Mitt is black and white. Yes there is still a chance of a Mitt win, but if he loses Florida then this is over. I have been praying not only for Romney, but also that America will reject Newt and vote for any of the other three.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dan. We cannot survive a Newt nomination. I hope Santorum gets it together and realizes he needs to attack Newt. If all three gang up on Newt, maybe we have a shot.


Graham said...

Mitt Romney was once declared dead by the government of a major European nation.

I don't think a Newt Gingrich SC victory will be the end of him. :-)

Anonymous said...

If newt wins FL, Romney can still win the nomination.

Alan said...

I disagree that is all over if Romney loses Florida. Romney still had a chance to win in 2008 after losing Iowa, NH, SC, and Florida. He only threw in the towel after he saw Huckabee was running interference for McCain in WV.

Never mind the media and talking heads, Romney still has huge advantages because his campaign has money and he is very strong in the North and in the West. Gingrich does not play well outside of the South, and he is not even on the ballot in Virgina.
Lastly, Super-Pacs for Romney are far better funded than those for Gingrich. Just wait until that gets unleashed.

Anonymous said...

Even if nominee loses FL, it's still not over! Romney's not going to give up.

The February calendar is VERY FAVORABLE to Romney with caucuses in NV, CO, ME, MN, and primaries in MO, MI, AZ and WA. There also will be no debates for Grinch to fool voters into thinking he's suitable for POTUS.

It will be all about money and organization and Newt will fall short. I believe Romney will take all of the 8 races about starting with NV and CO.

Don't forget after he lost FL in 2008, Romney won the CO caucus with over 60% of the vote. He also won the MN caucus (when polls showed McCain would win) with over 40% of the vote.

And he will win Nevada by a large margin.

This ain't over folks, not by a long shot!


Anonymous said...

Ugh!! I wish I would proofread!

Even if ROMNEY loses FL...


DanL said...

I love my Romney friends, I really do. But all this talk of February being strong for Romney will go right out the window if he loses Florida. And the money will come pouring in for Newt if he wins Florida. I am well aware of the strength of the February calendar for Mitt. But Mitt has also seen a 30ish point swing to Newt in Florida in the last few days. The same can happen in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota. The raving, pathological ABR crowd is fired up and ready to chop of Romney's head.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I agree. People think Romney can win the next 8 states after he loses FL? No way.


Terrye said...

I hope this is true...but the ABR crowd are like a lynch mob..they don't care about the truth or justice or what is best for the country or the party..they are fired up by crack pots and cranks and Romney hating media types and they are thinking like a mob.

Anonymous said...

Thnks for the post Martha...Rombots throughout the country need to hold onto all of the optimism we can muster. I've got all of the hope in the world for a FL win...however, a FL loss would be larger than life for Moonbeam and would probably spell near collapse for Romney.

The fact that Moonbeam is as close to the nomination as he is terrifies me personally. Newt's only leadership role obviously didn't end to well and I can't imagine him representing the Republican Party once again.

On the bright side though, at least I could leave my political hobby for the rest of the year and focus all of my time on my kids and real priorities.

What a cruel trick for us Rombots to have it so close and then stolen by two debate answers in the closing week of SC by Newt.

It'll be a tough reality to face all year's to hoping FL can reverse the tide.


Terrye said...

Medved is saying that if Romney can not take Florida that someone else is going to step in..someone like Mitch Daniels..That might be right. Of course the anti establishment morons will rail against that too, they are so eager to see the Republicans lose. But I would not be surprised if the party did not step in one who actually knows Gingrich wants him to win. People should take note of that.

leighrow said...

I disagree with the money pouring in for Gingrich if he wins FL. I have read that the writing is quite clear that Gingrich would never beat Obama due to his very high negatives amongst the general electorate.

Gingrich's favorability is only 28% whereas Obama's is around 51%. Investors will not throw away millions on a guaranteed loss,they would more than likely try and buy influence with Obama or with Senators and House Representatives.

I think we are going to see information come forward over the course of the next few days which will reveal Gingrich's indisputable character flaws.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this isn't the end for him, just goes to show you howone can be decieved by a smooth talker. Not a fan of the tea party right now. I thought they had principles.