Friday, January 13, 2012

MORE LIES and More Mitt Romney clips taken out of context.

There is some buzz today on Redstate, The Daily Kos, Real Clear Politics, right here at little old Right Speak, oh, and the NUMB SKULLS over at Free Republic, around a video clip of Mitt Romney saying the following:
"There are some, if you will, classical Republicans, and I don't want to be political here. The classical Republican approach is to say you know what makes America so great is our great corporations. And if we just clear the decks so that corporations can be more successful and give them more money, and make it easier for them to succeed. Well, then we will do even better on the world stage. I don't happen to subscribe to that traditional Republican caricature."
TERRIBLE!....How Could He say this?......HaHaHaHa!

The truth is
The clip was taken out of the following speech at an event that I HAD THE PLEASURE of attending back in 2003. Mitt was talking about the ingenuity of the American People being it's strength.

Don't believe me? 'O ye, of little faith'. Actually, I don't blame you. With all these HORSE'S ASSES posting video clips about Romney out of context, you probably don't know what to believe. I've got THE WHOLE SPEECH below. ENJOY!

Governor Mitt Romney's Keynote Speech at MIT's IdeaStream Symposium back on May 13, 2003:

NOTE: FAST Forward to the 4:16 minute mark for MIT President Dr Chuck Vest's introduction of Governor Romney. If you want to skip this, fast forward to the 9:40 minute mark. ENJOY:

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Anonymous said...

BOSMAN, you really blew it on this one. You should have waited for RW to post the out of context quote, then come in and edited his post to include the whole quote. Now we are deprived of more laughter at RW's expense. Darn.


BOSMAN said...


I have to admit, I have a soft spot.

If I see a dog or cat that looks like they're in distress, I'll intercede and make sure they're taken care of.

Maybe that explains it?

Anonymous said...

you guys are funny

Massachusetts Conservative said...


Is the true quote out there? Is the truth on any sites besides this one?

BOSMAN said...


We're a little seed here. Hopefully if folks think truth is important, then the word will spread.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Nicely played Sir Bos!

FastFacts said...

People keep spreading lies about Romney, especially Newt (I am talking about his campaign and not about his SuperPAC). We have been conditioned by the media and his opposition to distrust him because he would turn around this country. There are three examples of the lies we have been told about him: Reagan, Abortion, Gay Marriage
Here is the link:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your clip update.

The Dems especially will be using this technique in full force during the general election, and it would be great if GOP supporters could quickly reference the original clips alongside the deceptive clips to blunt the effectiveness of the deceptive ads.

Maybe if more sites did this..then both campaigns would avoid using this style of negative ad.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Anonymous said...


You should listen to this link from a California radio show from today. Congressman Dornan a former House member has the dirt on Gingrich and he is going to expose Gingrich in South Carolina this weekend. It was unbelievable,he said that Newty was the most corrupt congressman, he had ever worked with in his 20 years in congress. Pelosi really does have alot of dirt on Gingrich.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks Doug. You're welcome Leighrow.

I Try.