Friday, January 13, 2012

ABG: Anybody But Gingrich

Most of us earthlings -- you and I -- have this mechanism built into our psyche that causes us at least a small dose of discomfort when we ridicule somebody else for committing the very crimes we partake of in our own personal lives. Newt Ginrich does not possess, nor has ever possessed, this mechanism. That is why he was able to lead the charge against Bill Clinton while shacking up with a mistress who would become his third wife. That is why he can blast Obama for taking campaign money from Freddie Mac while at the same time get paid $1.6 million in political cash from the same organization. That is why he characterize the Democratic Party as a bunch of spend-crazy socialists while he himself was paid millions of dollars from the health care industry to lobby for a trillion dollar unfunded liability known as Medicare Part D.

When Newt Gingrich entered this race, his blatant, unconcealed hypocrisy was already well-known. Yet, it amazes me that, even given his reputation, he still makes no attempt whatsoever to hide his double-mindedness. How has he behaved in the last couple of weeks?

1. He blasts Romneycare. A quote emerges that he praised Romneycare in 2006. He continues to blast Romneycare. A video emerges of him praising Romneycare in 2008. He continues to blast Romneycare. There is no visible discomfort from Gingrich's face at his own logical dilemma.

2. He blasts Romney's leadership at Bain, the country's premier private equity firm. A journalist uncovers the fact that Gingrich also was on a board of advisers for another private equity firm. Yet, Gingrich continues to blast Romney's role in his private equity firm. No apparent discomfort on his face.

And my current favorite.

3. Gingrich blasts Romney comparing him to John Kerry and ridiculing both men for speaking French. Wait for it. Here comes Joshua Keating, who reveals how Gingrich spoke French when he lived in France and also used original French sources in his dissertation at Tulane. No discomfort.

I wonder what it is like to live life without a conscience or to live your life as a complete phony? 

I have long despised Gingrich. I am so glad that many conservatives are starting to wake up to the true nature of Gingrich. He is a serial hypocrite. Anytime Gingrich bellows against something you can almost be positive that he has privately supported the same thing and probably as a result of being paid to do so. Gingrich is everything that is wrong with our political system. I say this as calmly as I can, but I really have enjoyed watching him fall flat on his fat face. I hope that conservatives see him for what he is and deny him even the cheap satisfaction of buying his worthless books.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Gingrich first proposed a national mandate for health insurance.

Gingrich and Perry are done in national politics. They have no future whatsoever. Well, no doubt Fox will employ them as commentators, but they will never hold national public office.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Never liked him and never will.

A steaming bucket of Premium Grade cow manure.

Anonymous said...


Gingrich is too much for me to take. He wants Romney to call off his superpac,and tell them to be accurate, while he himself is actually promoting the most wildly inaccurate and destructive superpac ad to date--King of Bain.

Too rich. He thinks we're all just too stupid to notice these things.

But you know, Newt always had one set of rules for himself, and one set for the rest of us.


Machtyn said...

A steaming bucket of Premium Grade cow manure is actually quite useful.

@Martha, Actually, Newt today called for that SuperPAC to edit the inaccuracies out of "King of Bain". He did this publicly, so it may be a gray line on potential FEC campaign violation charges. Not that it matters. If they remove the inaccuracies, they have about a 5 minute video that would actually end up promoting Romney.

Anonymous said...

Machtyn, thanks for the correction.

I do agree with you that he is on the grey line with the ad. It seems like in one of the last debates he was telling people what was in it, before it was released, while in the same breath saying he had not seen it.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Isn't it funny how Newt let the ad go for a few days before he suddenly found a conscience about the lies.

Sure he wants them to edit it, or stop running it. Right . . .

OF course, he knows they have no intention of stopping the ad.