Friday, January 13, 2012

LIVE FEED Today: Mitt Romney Rally Hilton Head, South Carolina (January 13, 5:05 PM EST)


If you missed the live event, you can view it by CLICKING the button below. ENJOY!


Mitt Romney Holds an Event with Veterans at the Hilton Oceanfront Resort, Commodore Hall Ballroom, Hilton Head, SC. Sen. John McCain and Gov. Nikki Haley are scheduled to accompany him.

The feed buttons are under the photo below. If all goes well, at least one of them should take you to the event at 5:05 PM EST.

As with many live events, they may not start exactly on time. Also, once the pop-up window with the feed opens, you may need to scroll down and across and/or choose the "Romney" Channel to view the event depending on your computer.

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FastFacts said...

People keep spreading lies about Romney, especially Newt (I am talking about his campaign and not about his SuperPAC). We have been conditioned by the media and his opposition to distrust him because he would turn around this country. There are three examples of the lies we have been told about him: Reagan, Abortion, Gay Marriage
Here is the link:

Lori Patriot said...

Most of the stuff out there on Mitt that is negative is circulated by Obama's operatives. The rest is from people who are jealous, bigoted, misinformed or down right mean. All people of good will must join together and make this next election a landslide. The democrats have been in control since 2006. Bush got the blame for what they did. The housing crisis was created by democrats. Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Franklin Raines are all in bed with SEIU, Freddie/Frannie and Soros. The plan was to collapse the economy by giving loans to unqualified and illegals who had not been vetted. All democrats must be removed as they sold America down the river, put up an unvetted and inexperienced unknown man like Obama and worked to help enemies within take over.

Together. we will take back America from the Left and spoil their destructive plans for America.

Anonymous said...

How anyone in their right mind can support Newt is beyond me. He is a despicable, angry little man.

Why is he coming back in the polls in SC? Too many Evangelicals who don't want a Mormon, I guess. I hope Romney pulls this off!


Anonymous said...

Are we looking at Romney's Secretarys of Defense an State?

Anonymous said...

Fast Facts and Lori Patriot-

I posted this before in another link,but you really should listen to this radio segment where CA Congressman Dornan who served 20 years with Newty, spills the beans on Newts corruption and lack of ethics with details. He has a huge bone to pick with Newty and Pelosi really does have a lot of dirt on Newt. Congressman Dornan is going to South Carolina to expose Newty. Unbelievable....but then again it is Newty!

Kim said...

Romney really reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan. I just love to hear him talk.

Anonymous said...

Newt is even criticizing Mitt for speaking French

GetReal said...

I know, I caught that. Its funny on two levels. First, Newt speaks French himself. Second, what's wrong with speaking French? Its such an absurd, ignorant criticism.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, Snewty speaks French too.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, Snewty speaks French too.