Friday, January 13, 2012

Rocky Mountain Poll: Romney leading in Arizona by 27

No 25% ceiling for Mitt Romney in sunny Arizona for 2012 GOP Frontrunner Mitt  Romney. He blistering the field in the Grand Canyon state, with a nearly 30 point lead. Arizona's primary is in February and is looming as another big win for the former Massachusetts Governor.

"A poll released Friday shows that Mitt Romney is leading other Republican candidates in the race for Arizona's GOP presidential primary.

The Rocky Mountain Poll by the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center finds 41 percent of Republican voters support Romney.

Romney was followed by Rick Santorum at 14 percent, Newt Gingrich at 9 percent, Rick Perry at 5 percent, Ron Paul at 4 percent and John Huntsman at 2 percent."

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GetReal said...

Not that Huntsman even made the ballot.

Anonymous said...

This is a very small poll, but I believe that Romney will do very well here. There are enough Mormons here that most people know us as neighbors and not as "the bogey man," which helps reduce his religion to the status of non importance.

By the way, Romney can't win with only the Mormon vote here, so he must win lots more people than just members of his own religion. I am sure some people will try to pretend that his strength is because there are a lot of Mormons in Arizona, but there aren't anywhere near enough to win the Primary, let alone the general. I expect Ron Paul will do pretty well, too. Lots of Libertarian-leaning people here.

The ballot issue with Huntsman is very embarrassing, especially since our ballot requirements are some of the simplest in the nation! Way to go, Huntsman and campaign.


BOSMAN said...