Friday, December 2, 2011

What Constitutes Support of Obama?

What constitutes support of Obama? This is a question that has been weighing on my mind for the last several weeks. There is the obvious proactive types of support: donations, votes, bumper stickers, yard signs, campaigning for, blogging for.

What about a person who isn't actively promoting Obama, but who also isn't actively promoting any republican candidate? If that was the sum of it then I would conclude that such a person is not supporting Obama. But what if this person, in addition to not supporting any republican candidate, and is not offering anything positive to further the republican agenda or candidates, only attacks the candidates and has said time after time that s/he will not vote in the general? I would argue that such activity constitutes tacit support of Obama and is not appropriate for a website dedicated to electing a republican next year.

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Right Wingnut said...

So...if we attack Romney, we're supporting Obama, but if you attack Gingrich and threaten to leave the party if he's the nominee, you're not?

Spare me.

I'd love to sit and debate this with you, but I'll be unavailable most of the day.

Have a great day!

hamaca said...


I guess to Dan's point, if all one does is attack Gingrich, AND they are not supporting another candidate, AND they are not offering anything positive to further the republican agenda or candidates, AND have said they will not vote in the general, THEN it would be the same.

Anonymous said...

RW, I have always been open and forthright about what I will do, you have not. I would support Bachmann and Santorum as well as Romney. I would have been happy to vote for Pawlenty if he hadn't dropped out. I won't vote for Cain, Perry, or Newt.

And you obfuscate with your tired out argument that you are merely attacking Romney. As I stated in the above blog, you don't offer anything to further a republican agenda. Neither do you endorse a candidate. You don't argue for policies. You only criticize Romney, and sometimes Bachmann. Yet you don't criticize Obama.

If Newt won I would indeed leave the party, and I would permanently stop blogging here or on any other conservative or republican sites because it would be dishonest to continue blogging on the right when I no longer would be on the right. However, that moment of crisis hasn't come yet, and until Romney and his supporters are cast out of the GOP I will continue coming here to RS and may blog occassionally.

You, RW, clearly have ulterior motives and don't have enough integrity to tell the full truth about your agenda, or failing full disclosure, to at least slink away and hide in your hole.

Ohio JOE said...

Well, I admit that for the most part, Hamaca, Dan L, Noelle, AZ, Gordon and others actually promote their candidate instead of constantly trash the others. However, we cannot say that about every player on that team.

I would like to be true to myself instead of blindly supporting the party. I do not mind promoting aspects of Romneyism and Gingrichism, but I will not just promote anything and everything. If that means that I must resign from the web-site, I shall do so. While one does not like to resign, there are times to do so. If the powers that be ask that I go, I will abide by their wishes. Until then, I will not go.

Anonymous said...

OJ, you provide valuable analysis with your blogs on delegate counts. And this isn't about leaving this website, it is about front page posters who use their privilege as a front page poster to torpedo all GOP candidates while also never promoting republican agendas and never going after Obama. I would argue that RW is using his FPP privileges to tacitly support Obama.

Ohio JOE said...

"Neither do you endorse a candidate." While this was not directed at me, I for one will not endorse anybody until I am bloody sure that I want to vote for that person. Back in my homeland I wore buttons of every candidate running for my party's leadership to a party function, word got back to my Grandfather and he explained that this was not professional. Thus I shall not outright endorse somebody outright lest I have to change my mind again. I have already endorsed once and my camp leader is not running. I am not saying that I will not vote GOP, but I am in no hurry to endorse either.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I must assume that you were referring to RW and I must assume that you are against his ability to post on this site when he is against most of the candidates that are running for POTUS?

I cannot speak for RW and I can only assume what you meant in this ambiguous post. If I was a FPP of this site, you could write the same thing about in some ways I feel I have a right to respond as if you were talking about me.

Why does a member of a party have to support and endorse a person they feel is wrong for the nomination? Just a few months ago, you-yourself proclaimed the doom and gloom and the inevitable loss of the eventual nominee but now since you are back to being 100% onboard with Romney it is wrong for others to question the path to prosperity that OUR party is refusing to follow.

Why should we support people we don't agree with?

For years, Romney Republicans made it their life's mission to use every liberal talking point against Sarah Palin because they saw her as the biggest threat to a Romney nomination but now, her supporters are supposed to just jump on board for some greater good that Romney has never shown he has the ability, or the inclination, to follow.

For months and years prior to Palin's decision not to run...Palin was getting heavily criticized, on this Romney followers, for not doing more interviews but now it's smart for Romney not to do them...the level of hypocrisy by the Romney followers is overwhelmingly disturbing.

I will support a candidate when they earn my support...I will promote a candidate when they have inspired confidence...I will vote for a candidate when I know that their SERVICE, to my country, will lead to better days than yesterday.


Ohio JOE said...

Sorry Dan L, I guess I missed your point then.

Anonymous said...

If Romney doesn't win the nomination...I am pretty sure this site will cease to exist.


Ohio JOE said...

Oh, I bet the site will still exist per se Jersey, but you made many good points in your earlier comment.

Right Wingnut said...

Dan, if Bosman wants me to leave, I will do so. Until that happens, I will continue to carry on as I have. Sorry.

Right Wingnut said...

Dan clearly wants to change the site to RomneySpeak. He claimed to be neutral for months while trashing Perry, Bachmann and Huckabee in the most viicious ways. I have no doubt that he was always a closet Romney supporter.

Sounds like the pot is calling the kettle black.

hamaca said...

Dan was trashing Romney as much as anyone during that time. He was an equal opportunity trasher!

Right Wingnut said...

Hamaca, so am I!

BOSMAN said...

RIGHT SPEAK = A Place for All Conservatives to Speak "Their Mind".

EVEN, if it is occasionally twisted or one sided!

Anonymous said...

Jersey, it is really hard to have a meaningful discussion with you as you willfully ignore the bulk of a blog. I made several points about what I consider tacit support of Obama. You only addressed one.

Let me restate and clarify them and use RW as my example since everyone else is.

1. RW doesn't support any GOP candidate for president. This is the only point you even acknowledged.

2. RW doesn't oppose Obama. He never writes any blogs in opposition to Obama.

3. RW doesn't oppose democrat policies. He never writes any blogs opposing policies put forward by democrats.

4. RW doesn't advocate republican policies. He doesn't write blogs supporting proposals put forward by republicans.

5. RW has stated that he would not vote in the general, not just if Romney is the nominee. So, no GOP candidate could secure RW's vote.

I will add a few other points that I didn't make in the original blog.

RW doesn't provide analysis the way that OJ does with his delegate counts or the way that Pollman did with his poll results.

I have come to the defense of Palin on occasion past in blogs. RW only goes on the attack against any candidate he is discussing. I have been critical of Romney when I thought he was wrong, something that RW was incapable of doing with Palin.

RW is apparently not for anybody or anything republican or conservative. Neither is he against anybody or anything democrat. He is only against republican candidates. That is my argument, and it isn't ambiguous.


Anonymous said...

Dan, unfortunately I do not have the time to address all of your points. Your main point in your post, the way it was written is that this, hypothetical, person supports Obama because he doesn't support one of the other candidates. In actuality since we know you are referring to RW...I could easily argue that he is supporting Gingrich more than any other candidate...even if it is soft support.

Also, according to your rules...almost every single FPP is only deemed an acceptable FPP because they support Romney...this site is not dedicated to furthering the debate of Republican or Conservative policies or never has been. It is a site designed for supporting the nomination of Mitt Romney!!!

This post is designed as a payback for RW not openly supporting Romney and even worse for being critical of Romney. I could also conclude that this post was born from the Pablo thread from earlier this week.

Your 2nd point is irrelevant because just by posting on this site and ever having supported a Republican one must assume that RW does not support Obama...juvenile tactic to even include...thus making your thesis solely about not supporting Romney...especially since he has said that he would vote for Gingrich.

Hell, you've said in the replies that you would leave the party if Gingrich or Perry were the is that statement any better or worse than what RW has been doing? I don't remember him ever saying he would leave the party?


Anonymous said...

RW: if you had been paying attention, you would know that Dan has NOT always supported Romney. Far from it. He's been very critical of him many times, and I believe only recently came back to Romney for lack of any other realistic options. I think many Republicans feel that way, as well.

Dan: I agree with you.I don't think I could vote for Gingrich, Cain or Perry.

I am a large source of the animosity people feel for Romney around here, and for that I am sorry. I realize my attitude about Palin has been destructive, and for me to now come back and want everyone to get on board with Romney is probably too little too late.

But in the end, we each have to do what we think is best. There will be a few people like RW, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Martha, this is a perfect example of why Romney will probably end up losing the nomination. You stated, "He's been very critical of him many times, and I believe only recently came back to Romney for lack of any other realistic options. I think many Republicans feel that way, as well."

Talk about soft support...

I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about the whole Palin thing...especially since I think your remorse is a bit disingenuous but you weren't the only person who was actively seeking to discredit Palin, with Leftist talking points, and I probably wouldn't have supported Romney one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

Dan L

I completely agree with you. It is no secret that I am a strong supporter of Romney,Bachman and Santorum because I feel that they are truly for reforming the Federal government and giving more power to the states so that the Federal government is less intrusive.I do like ROn Paul on Domestic policy but his foreign policy is too scary. I too could never support Newt because he is for Big government solutions and it is politicians and Washington Insiders like Newt Gingrich who have corrupted the system with big money pay offs.

I am in the Healthcare industry and Newt's 40 million dollar healthcare think tank promoted the NATIONAL healthcare mandate as well as Bush's Medicare Prescription D bill in 2004 and yet the ABR or ABM gang is now promoting Gingrich. Gingrich was on the record in a Meet the Press interview still advocating the NATIONAL individual mandate this year...and the GOP really thinks this turkey is going to end the mandate...I do not think so.

A man who has lied to multiple wives and mistresses will not hesitate to lie and deceive the American people.

I will register as an Independent if Gingrich is the nominee and I will no longer comment on Republican web sites.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make one more comment...the reason why I am frustrated with the GOP is not because people are knocking Romney it is because of their coordinated efforts to target and to distort one candidate's record within the GOP, being Romney.

In their quest to destroy Romney the GOP and the Tea Party people will even support a corrupt career politician and Washington Insider like Gingrich, who personifies what is wrong with Washington!I would be less irritated if the alternative was Bachman, but GINGRICH...give me a break! I guess we can say the Tea Party is officially dead.

OJ and RW thinks that this is just politics as usual, but I disagree,I found this coordinated strategy to be unusual and detrimental to the GOP as a whole.

I personally don't mind RW or OJ's views and opinions, but I like Dan L wouldn't feel comfortable posting on a Republican web site since my views aren't really in alignment with the GOP's big government agenda. I would prefer to seek out a third party option that shares my views on a smaller limited government.

Right Wingnut said...

Dan, you lied. I only said I wouldn't vote in the general if Romney is the nominee. There's still time for my mind to be changed on that.

Right Wingnut said...

Leighrow, aren't you from Minnesota? What do you mean you'll "register as an independent?" how do you do that in Minnesota? There's no party registration here.

Anonymous said...


I didn't realize that,since I have been a life long Republican. I am Originally from PA and I believe the election law is different in PA. I recall when I moved to Mn that I completed some paperwork stating my part affiliation as Republican so I just assumed that I would reregister as an Independent.