Friday, December 2, 2011

Chris Christie: "Speaker Gingrich has never run anything"

As Mitt Romney increasingly mixes it up with his primary rivals, he's unleashing Chris Christie to help take on the competition.

The New Jersey governor was on the campaign trail for Romney in Florida on Thursday, and had some choice words for his new chief antagonist in the GOP race, Newt Gingrich.

"Speaker Gingrich has never run anything," Christie said when asked to compare the two candidates, according to, a Scripps Media project. "He's been a legislator. I have to tell you – I don’t think being a legislator is the best calling card."

"Look at the guy we have in the White House now: He never ran anything and was a legislator," he continued, linking Gingrich to President Obama.

Christie also dismissed Gingrich as just the latest "flavor of the two weeks," saying his poll numbers are just "as solid as the Cain numbers were, as solid as the Perry numbers were, as solid as the Bachmann numbers were."

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Anonymous said...

Time for the big dogs to take over. You've had your fun for the day, Newt, but you're not getting anywhere near the White House. Sane people will make sure of it.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Chris Christie is a big liar.

Whe asked on Hannity's show last night what he's been dong since leaving office, Gingrich said he's been running a small business and meeting with clients.

And he is right.

You can't get much smaller than meeting your client (singular) one hour per month.

Anonymous said...

Romney-Christie: THE TICKET. Bet on it!

Right Wingnut said...



Christie isn't as popular with conservatives as you think. His endorsement had no impact on the polls, and neither will his attacks on Newt. Rather than argue about it, let's plan on revisiting the topic in about 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

RW, he is popular with Republicans, including conservatives who can think straight. As for the rest of them, we'll let's just say they're not doing so well in the IQ dept.

So yes, Christie will make a big difference for Romney.


Anonymous said...

Just the thought of "sour grapes" makes my lips pucker. Can you not get over Palin deciding not to get in the race and abandon your defeat-Romney deathwish? Your posts are petty and pointless.

Teemu said...

Some people consider service as the presiding officer of a legislature, i.e. speaker as executive experience. But that actually puts Gingrich's leadership experience to negative side rather than just zero, I don't think any other speaker has been driven out by his own party due to his bad leadership, ethics failures etc.

Doug NYC GOP said...

It warms my heart to see others picking up on your sour grapes attitude.

Win or Lose Romney had the nerve to get in and run.

I bet you wish you could say the same about your has been idol.

A Not angry or Bitter Doug

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie is so ridiculous that he doesn't even realize that disproved his own point in his statement criticizing Gingrich by referring to him as Speaker...I hope another Republican runs against Christie for Governor.


Frozone said...

Speaker does not equal CEO by a long stretch. Romney has better management chops than the rest of the field combined.

Gingrich isn't as smart as people make him out to be, and I find him to be a tad lazy. Not good for the leader of the free world.

In my mind's eye I see Newt in ancient greece, sitting on a hill, pontificating in a toga. Not energetically working to right our ailing economy.

Anonymous said...

Newt in a toga! That is quite the image. LOL!


P.S. I bet Romney would LOOK better in a toga, but I can't imagine him having the patience to wear a robe when he is so active all of the time.