Thursday, December 8, 2011

QUESTION - DEBATE of the DAY: Mitt or Newt - Who's the Bolder Reformer and Worthy of Paul Ryan's Endorsement?

Mitt Romney has embraced Paul Ryan's Medicare Reform plan, as he draws starker contrast with newly resurgent GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich.

Per the Washington Post's Greg Sargent:

After previously hedging on the Ryan plan, Romney is now fully declaring his support for it, as a way to wound the surging Newt Gingrich among conservative voters. Newt, you’ll recall, famously referred to the Ryan plan as “right wing social engineering,” and Romney, in a post on his Web site, has revived this Newt quote, and is suggesting he’d sign it into law as president, in order to portray himself as the only true conservative in the race.

“With friends like Newt, who needs the left?” the Romney Web site now blares.

For his part, Paul Ryan offered effusive praise for Romney's Entitlement Reform plan in earlly November.

This evening comes worn an editorial from the not-so-Mitt-friendly Wall Street Journal, surprisingly touting Romney as having the bolder and better reform plan.

So the QUESTION/DEBATE of the Day is:

Considering the firestorm Gingrich ignited earlier this year, who do you think is best able to enact reform and who will/would Rep. Ryan endorse?

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Lori Patriot said...

Romney cut millions from the budget of Massachusetts and two entire departments. He went in to office with the state bankrupt and in the whole by half a billion. He consolidated,modernized and streamlined the government. He went after the waste. He did the same thing with the Olympics. In both cases, he left surpluses, paid off their deficits with the money from spending less and making cuts. Learn more and view the videos

Newt has not cut much of anything worth bragging about. He has not even cut his tendency to say the wrong thing, announce himself the winner after a temporary bounce nor has he cut his penchant for taking lobbyists' checks. He spent, not cut while he was briefly the Speaker. He was forced out and fined $300 K.

Anonymous said...

Doug, remember what Krauthammer said back in May:

“Krauthammer’s criticism of Gingrich echoed that of many other conservatives who said that Gingrich’s words will be used against fellow Republicans in future congressional campaigns. ‘I mean, I think every one of these Republican candidates running for the House is going to have a Democratic opponent who’s going to run an ad you can write today. It’s going to start, even conservative Newt Gingrich, the former leader of the Republicans in the House, says “It’s radical, it’s social engineering.’””

To answer your question, ff course Romney is the man for the moment--for reforming entitlements, in FP, in job creation, and as CIC. It makes me sick to think we are going to throw away our chance on the worst possible man.

Ryan will make it clear who he favors--in fact he pretty much already has, and it's not the self-loving, wife-cheating, influence-selling bloviating big gov lardass.


Ashley Jones said...

A no brainer. Many endorsements won't happen because the potential endorsers have decided to stay out of it. But IF Ryan endorses anyone, it will be Mitt. He gushed over Mitt's plan. And he can't think very fondly of Newt after his "right wing social engineering" idiocy.

leighrow said...

I do find it quite telling that Senator Coburn and Representative Peter King went on record this week with their concern of a Gingrich presidency.

This to me and to the voters should be very revealing. Coburn wrote a book depicting his run ins with Gingrich. These are two highly regarded conservative congressmen who slammed the Gingrich,the GOP front runner who potentially could be the next president.

I have never seen this happen before in a presidential election where you have congress people in the same party say please no...don't vote for him...he would be a terrible leader.

Alan said...

I have no doubt that Gingrich will NOT win the nomination. Just like his brain, his campaign is in disarray. He is missing filing deadlines (Missouri, and probably Ohio) and his paperwork is incomplete and disorderly (New Hampshire). Gingrich is playing the populist game, but it is delegates that win the nomination, and Romney knows this game better than any in the race. He will win New Hampshire (no matter what some polls say), Michigan, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, CA, and many other states. Polls mean very little at this point.

Machtyn said...
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Machtyn said...

I do remember that Mitt Romney initially declared the Paul Ryan plan "setting the right tone."

From back in May:

and April:

hamaca said...

Ryan has been designated by the GOP as chief fundraiser for whomever the eventual nominee will be. As such, he is not allowed to endorse in the primary. However it's clear from his actions and statements that he'd rather be raising funds for a Romney campaign than for the others.

Anonymous said...

Today, Levin was ripping Mitt apart for "sending out his liutenants and surrogates" (namely Sununu and Talent) to 'trash' Newt. However, he failed to mention Coburn and King's comments about Newt. Gee wizz Mark, did Mitt also send out King and Coburn to trash Newt? I won't be surprised if there aren't more just like King, Coburn and the like who make similar comments.

Doug NYC GOP said...

As a "surrogate" for Bachmann, Perry, Cain and now Gingrich, I guess it's OK for Levin to be "sent out" and "trash" Romney (after endorsing him 4 yrs. ago).

These Talk Radio Titans need to understand when Gingrich is spoken out against, it's not because he is a leading Conservative, but rather a lousy Conservative leader.

Ohio JOE said...

"Ryan has been designated by the GOP as chief fundraiser for whomever the eventual nominee will be. As such, he is not allowed to endorse in the primary." BINGO.

As to the main question, there is no question that Mr. Gingrich is a bolder reformer than Mr. Romney. However, let's just say I do not favor all of Mr. Gingrich's reforms. While he has some good ideas, he also has some bad one. Yes we do in deed need Reform, but not just any reform. That is Mr. Gingrich's problem.

As for Mr. Ryan, he is stepping in the right direction. His non fooling approach is to be admired. However, even his reforms do not go far enough. So I have mixed feeling. I solute him for his courage to come as far as he as come, but we need to go further.