Thursday, December 8, 2011

Congressman Peter King on Newt Gingrich

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet that was soooo hard for Fox to swallow that about their latest "darling"!

Way to go, Peter!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody say AMEN! You go Peter! Did you hear, (what's her name?) Martha McCallum, try and suggest that because of congress' low approval rating we shouldn't take Congressman King's words seriously? That guy exudes credibility. Fair and balanced my arse. This needs to be played and replayed in as many places as we can put them. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Noelle said...

The thing is, at this point, so many Republicans have spoken out against Newt Gingrich that Obama has a treasure trove of material to use against Gingrich, should he win the nomination. Gingrich would be a horrible nominee for so many reasons. People may dislike the "establishment," but the simple fact is Gingrich IS the establishment, and the establishment doesn't like Gingrich.

I don't know how the primary will turn out, but everything I have seen and heard have confirmed to me that my choice of Mitt Romney was the right one. I only hope that the GOP will regain its collective sanity, do the right thing, and nominate Romney.