Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Newt Gingrich Just Loves FDR

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Anonymous said...

For as many times as Newt has called FDR the greatest president, you'd think the media on the right would've picked up on this a long time ago and remembered it... right now.

Is Rush Limbaugh going quote Gingrich here where he described, FDR as a "progressive" with such admiration and conviction?
Rush will probably ignore this or brush it aside really quickly.

By the way, I believe FDR was one of Bill Clinton's favorite, if not his favorite, president too.

Actually, Newt reminds me of Bill more and more in looks, rhetoric, and a history of sexual compulsion.

Graham said...

Here's a great (and humorous) article on Newt/FDR, by a true right-wing hero, Larry Correia:

larry said...

Did you see Gingrich swoon when he was stating how progressive FDR was?

Anonymous said...

This has to say alot about those Republicans who support this character.
Are the ill informed, progressive themselves, or just plain stupid?

Anonymous said...

More unaccountable Czars in government, anyone? Anyone?....