Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The changing world of Newt Gingrich

Here is Newt last night on Bill O'Reilly's Show. Somehow, he seems a little jittery...depressed...

Here Newt is, not so long ago:




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Terrye said...

Now he is crying like a baby, hoping his buddies at Fox will help him out with some nice friendly interviews while he whines about that big meanie Romney.

The only reason Gingrich does not have ads up himself is that he has screwed up and has no organization, no money to work with and no desire to bust his butt...back when it was all just snarking at the moderators and selling books it was kind of fun.

Ashley Jones said...

Newt did a bad job on judges. Not surprising since he's clearly on the wrong side of that argument.

On negative ads complaining... more of the same. I'm guessing they won't stop and I'm guessing they continue to be effective. Buh Bye Newt!

Anonymous said...

Newt needs to stop playing the debate card, does he really think any debate or candidate would agree to a 3hour debate to listen to him give a history lesson?

Mitt should just say, "its not my fault you dont have money or organization to run ads"

Newt thought he could keep his closet door closed and sit high in the polls by simply saying to everyone to play nice.

Noelle nikpour on hannity said it exactly on hannity when she said "did newt gingrich think this was going to be miss congeniality for him all the way to the presidency?"

BOSMAN said...

Just think of all the money he'd have if he didn't spend it all on chartering private jets instead of flying commercial like everyone else.

Perhaps Tiffany has a return policy?

Perhaps he could start selling some more certificates?

He forgets, HE STARTED IT with Romney!

Anonymous said...

Bos your right, he pledges a positive campaign but takes shot at mitt when he can..