Thursday, December 22, 2011

Calling Dick Morris: Condi vs. Hillary VP Match?

I really like Condoleeza Rice. I think that it would be great to have the first woman and the first black Vice President on the Republican ticket. However, that is not why I like Rice. I like her because she is overwhelmingly qualified for the position. Rice would represent a sort of redemption from recent times.

But there is another reason.

There is a good chance that Barack Obama is going to switch Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. We Republicans should not underestimate this move. Hillary Clinton is going to excite the Democratic base as well as drawn in independents. Hillary is not the Hillary of four years ago -- she has a lot of support. And I can't think of a better debate than one between Rice and Clinton, two former Secretaries of State. The Republican nominee (Mitt Romney) needs to make sure that he picks somebody who can go toe to toe with Clinton in a debate. Rice is an intellectual powerhouse and just the right kind of person for that job.

A Rice versus Clinton race would also give Dick Morris a chance to get partial credit for a certain book he wrote back in 2005. He doesn't get much right, so I feel a little sorry for him.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Rice is immensely qualified for the role and I believe would hold her own in a debate setting, unlike our situation in '08.

However, many people have brought up the pro-choice issue and it does become a liability, especially with how it would be spun in the media.

Rice's position on abortion is really no different than that of Cain's. They both say they don't necessarily agree with it but would leave it up to individuals to make the ultimate decision. And the issue really didn't blow up that dramatically for Cain, like people suspected it would. It might not be an issue for Rice either.

However, this election is about Jobs - and since Rice has no real experience in the private sector that might not be the best choice. Having said all of that, there's still something intriguing (if not alluring) about a Romney/Rice ticket.


Teemu said...

Changing VP looks much better on paper than it will be in practice. The numbers don't include the discussion that arises after the change:

"That was kinda desperate"
"Looks like a sign of weakness"
"Why didn't you take her as VP on the first run, looks like desperate pandering, why choose Clinton now over Biden, but not then?"

"On the second thought, what difference would having her as VP make? She is already part of your administration and could offer you any advice and you could choose take her advice or not. She isn't going to have anymore power as VP, since she is already part of the administration, her changing the role from one to. Other makes no difference "

Machtyn said...

Hillary Clinton won't work with Obama again. She's already, somewhat publicly, stated that it's amateur hour in the White House (speaking of their foreign relations "policy"). She's also stated that she won't work in an Obama administration after his first term is up.

Granted, she could always change her mind. But she has not really benefited from being in the Obama administration. She can probably do better for herself elsewhere.

Machtyn said...

Also, remember, Biden actually makes Obama look good.

Anonymous said...

I think it all depends on where they think they're at come August..if the wind is out of their sails and their internal polling shows that Obama's got better than a 60-70% chance of losing, then I think the hail mary could easily be torn. Especially if Romney's VP pick doesn't energize anyone.


newark hawk said...

Condoleeza Rice was Bush's national security advisor on 9/11. Although supporters & fans of Ms. Rice may give her a pass for 9/11, Obama and his friends in the mainstream media certainly will not, and neither will the independent voters who decide presidential elections.

Anonymous said...

i like Condi and i respect Hillary (certainly i do not really like her) : i wouldn't like these elections as a world attention over the VP choices, with such as strong and well known personalities. First the RUNNERS, later the MATES.