Thursday, December 22, 2011

Should we blame "The Godfather" movie for N. Korea's Kim Jung Un?

According to the author of "North Korean Memoirs" written in 2004, Kim Jung Il loved the movie "the Godfather" and was somewhat convinced that the story was based on or at least resembled his own life. I wonder if some of the choices he made for his sons, were somehow influenced by the characters in the movie. Right down to picking his third son as his successor?

Kim Jong-Nam:

The eldest Son who supposedly fell out of favor with his father for his playboy and wild antics. In 2001, Jong-Nam was arrested for traveling to Japan (on his way to Tokyo Disney) using a fake Dominican passport. Sonny Corleone was portrayed as the playboy and wild son.

Kim Jong-Chol:

The middle son who is rumored to be gay and is a big Eric Clapton Fan. In his youth, he wrote a poem calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons. fredo Corleone was always portrayed as somewhat of a simpleton with a sensitive streak.

Kim Jong-Un:

The youngest Son who was educated away from home in Switzerland. He was given the rank of 4 Star General with no experience in the military. Michael Corleone who was a WWII soldier and also attended college away from home (Harvard University). Both he and Michael were pegged the quiet, serious sons.

I have to wonder if before Kim Jong Il made his final decision on who should take over, did he pop in the DVD?

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Terrye said...

He loved all kinds of movies. I read some time ago that he had a huge collection.

It certainly seems that he did not live in the world the rest of us live in..but then North Korea is a recluse country.

yuke said...

It was reported that he had the largest Daffy Duck collection in the world.