Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quote of the Day

Since we are on the topic of immigration and who believes what, I bring to you a comment from Red State,

Romney supports voting CITIZENSHIP for illegals!

tailfins1959 Wednesday, November 23rd at 1:16PM EST (link)
I just heard in on Limbaugh. Romney referred to the Lowell Sun in the quote.
Well that settles it. Limbaugh said it. Romney doesn't just support citizenship for illegals, he supports CITIZENSHIP for illegals. And it is not just CITIZENSHIP, it is voting CITIZENSHIP, as opposed to the non-voting kind. And, of course, the urgency of Romney's socialist, open borders ideology could not possibly be expressed without that exclamation point. 

There are some folks that accuse me of looking down on Rush's audience. They are correct.


Graham said...

One more reason to feel good about abandoning his audience. I can only hope that his vehement opposition to Romney will be yet another reason for actual people to vote for Mitt.

FastFacts said...

I like Rush Limbaugh but everytime he mentions Romney, its an attack and almost every time, it is false info. Everything from John Gruber to Global Warming etc. Romney has been consistent on these issues, look here:

Terrye said...

It is interesting that Rush can get away with cherry picking some old video to make a dishonest attack on someone, but if the Romney campaign were to use those tactics he would no doubt have a cow.

I sent Rush an email explaining that there was a time when I considered him a principled conservative, now I consider him a mercenary blowhard.

craigs said...

This is the problem with Rush Limbaugh. he is much closer to the DNC than he is to candidates like Romney. He, like the DNC, conveniently leave off the rest of Romneys comment. it amounts to lying, but that's what Limbaugh and Gingrich are comfortable with


Terrye said...


Rush did the same thing to Mitch Daniels once. I live in Indiana and I knew that what he was saying was nonsense, because I had actually heard the whole thing on local TV. But most of his listeners would have just taken his statement at face value.

Anonymous said...

Of course if you don't support the mighty Rush you are a RINO as well. I remember that assault on Mitch Daniels. I also know what his gang thinks of Chris Christie. He needs the Democrats to win to keep his job. That must be it. I wonder if he really is a conservative at all.

cimbri said...

Rush is scared that his idea of a moderate (Mitt Romney) will be a very successful president, and then his house of cards will come tumbling down.