Thursday, November 3, 2011

LIVE FEED: Mitt Romney on Government Spending (Thursday, November 3, 5:30 PM EST)

Mitt Romney will be delivering a major policy speech on Friday at the Defending American Dream Summit in Washington, DC. The topic will be government spending.

As a build up to this, Romney will preview the speech during an evening event TONIGHT in Exeter, N.H. at a Town Hall meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM EST.

I'm ASSUMING at least one or more of the links below will be covering this event in Exeter. In anticipation of this, I've posted the potential feeds below.

Check back at 5:20 PM EST to see if any of the feeds carry the event:


BTW, I'm still trying to find a feed for Romney's speech on Friday at the Defending American Dream Summit. Check back tomorrow and if I find any feeds I will post them. According to this article, Romney will be the keynote speaker at a tribute dinner honoring President Reagan. That dinner is scheduled from 7-9 PM EST. So check back.
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Noelle said...

Okay Mr. Romney. You know I love you, and I'll vote for you (even when you poke fun at my Yankees - whatever), but 5:30? Are you serious? That is the time that my girls decide to go INSANE! I'm trying to fix dinner, and they're climbing all over me. Or if they're not, they are likely off causing some kind of mayhem and destruction somewhere. All stay-at-home moms know that 5:30 is the witching hour.

I hope I'll be able to catch the replay, because at 5:30, my attention will likely be diverted.

I'll try though.

larry said...

Thanks again for posting these feeds. I've come to rely on RS for this whit my odd work hours.

Ian said...

Policy speech after policy speech. This one of the reasons I support Mitt. He is serious about being President and he is putting out real detailed ideas for all to see when the others are simply throwing red meat. No one compares.

BOSMAN said...

FEED 1 is working. Be sure to chose "Race to 2012: Romney Town Hall" once the feed opens.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I believe the correct term is, "Arsenic Hour." Once my kids get home, life gets really crazy. I've never figured out whether the arsenic is for me or for them, though. What do you think? LOL!