Sunday, October 30, 2011

Romney Lags in Iowa Among Those Who Definitely Intend to Caucus

The recent DesMoines Register poll seems to have left many a Romney supporter giddy, considering that he's within the margin of error of tea party favorite, Herman Cain. I don't mean to throw a wet blanket on their enthusiasm, but respondents that definitely intend to participate in the caucus aren't big fans of Mitt.
Another big warning flag for Romney: Those who definitely intend to caucus don’t like him much. This group is 38 percent of those polled, but Romney is the first choice of just 10 percent of them. Cain is the strongest among definite attenders with 27 percent.

And likely caucusgoers don’t see him as their backup: 11 percent designated him their second choice, behind Cain and Gingrich.
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Anonymous said...

I knew when I saw the picture who posted this article.



corep said...

yep this is the part all the anti romneys have latched on to.

how about the part where he leads with seniors at 33 % and with those under 35 at 27%? or how about the part where he is tied with Paul at 24% with those who have their minds made up?

of course you wont quote those little facts cause they make your meme seem wrong dont they.

lastly, no one expects Romney to win Iowa, but if he does pull it out then its game over before it begins, and if anyone other than Perry wins IA (which it looks like may happen) then it is almost game over. The ONLY other person who may be able to gain some traction from an IA win and give Romney a bit of a run is Gingrich and he is in 5th at 7% with Perry.

If these numbers hold after the IA debates in december then watch for some heavy Romney stealth action, and maybe even some surrogate action as well.

Terrye said...

Well, the truth is if Romney even comes in second in Iowa, it would be a good deal for him. It is not as if he has really tried to win there.

Anonymous said...

cain will win iowa, romney will be 2nd. Romney wins NH, cain south carolina, romney florida, romney nevada, romney everything else, romney nominee, romney president. you heard it here first.

BOSMAN said...

This Poll by CNN was taken almost during the same time period with these results:

Mitt Romney 24%
Herman Cain 21%
Ron Paul 12%
Newt Gingrich 10%
Rick Perry 10%
Michele Bachmann 6%
Rick Santorum 2%
Jon Huntsman 1%

I'd say, Romney is looking pretty good for not putting to much time in there

Terrye said...

When you are looking at polls with a margin of error of 3 or 4% and the people are within 3 or 4 points of each other..that is a tie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried. Independents and democrats are going to make up their minds soon. With their disappointment with the current president, they will turn to Republican candidates. And they will find Romney as the best candidate and someone that they have alot in common with.

Anonymous said...

That is ASSUMING Cain doesn't put his foot in his mouth many more times.

Mitt is the only one that has the experience, organization, discipline and mental preparation for being POTUS to turn the trainwreck around.

There are other nice candidates, but reality is reality.

Slick-Willy said...

"I don't mean to throw a wet blanket on their enthusiasm, but..."

LOL. Look, I'm happy you have your point of view and there may be legitimate substance in your overall point. Romney definitely has more work to do in Iowa. However, it would be very difficult to be more disingenuous than you are. You take it to a special level.

Slick-Willy said...

Oh, BTW - I got IP banned on today for supporting Romney and ripping Perry. I said absolutely nothing offensive, did not engage in name calling at all, etc. Others debating me were using foul language in some cases. After I destroyed one of the post authors (mocked his logic), I was warned to clean it up. I continued backing Mitt and ripping Perry and now I'm IP banned. lol Those guys REALLY don't want diversity of thought.

Anonymous said...

My feeling on this post is this. The people in Iowa would vote for a man who has zero political experience, zero track record on anything, never worked with a legislature, never balanced a State budget, never had the opportunity to defend anything. They'd look past a man with a proven track record, of balancing a budget, work across party lines to get things done, created businesses and international businesses. Understand international economic strategies. What is happening to our party. Good luck winning in 2012,

Anonymous said...

You know........I wanna HOPE that Iowans realize this is an extremely important election. Playing "purist" or "holier than thou" will NOT help America!

I'm going to have confidence Iowans will do some critical analysis of the top candidates before their Jan!

Ohio JOE said...

Interesting article, RW.

Terrye said...

I wonder how the people in Iowa will respond to the news of the sexual harassment suits filed against Cain? Politico just came out with a story on that.